How you lose control of a tower on purpose?

How is it possible to remove teams from the towers? I was recently in battle against a Latin faction, you all can see the name in the video, and they had control of the towers and they only added 1 team (it has been the same in every battle against them, they just ad 1 team always) and suddenly they take their team out from the tower, losing control of it and leaving the tower ready to be hit it again, and then they retake control of it in a matter of 25-30 seconds, could someone tell me if that is possible? How do you take a team out of a the tower?

Its possible when the cooldown is activ

Bur how? Sometimes i attack a tower that is not the one i was suppose to hit, and once the team is added i cant see a X like in terrys to remove my team, and as you can see in the video the times goes to 00:00, team is there and you can see the word “perdido” that means lost, how did you lost the tower on yourself?

Click on the tower you control, select “add teams” scroll to the team you have in place, click on them and select “abandon”

Will try if possible, but never seen a faction doing that trick on towers, and since someone from hale tell me there was some hackers in some of their factions, well it makes you think

You can’t use the same team when applying but can keep ghosting with a different team it’s easy.

Whale factions have been doing this for ages was one of the complaints when people got upset about ghosting towers over the years. But the less people know the better best to delete post for the greater good.

If the shield is up on another tower, put a def team in there instead. The tower which had a team in will fall to walkers straight away (if it is the last def team in there). We can’t see what’s happening with west tower. I bet teams got moved in there?

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