How would your faction fare

Lets say hypothetically you and your faction happened to be dropped into the walking dead universe. How well and how long do you think you would able to survive.


I also suppose the other factions in your region would be there too

My core group would survive well. We get along, settle differences in a calm manner, I think we are pretty resourceful. The slackers would be Walker food and save the core from disaster.

For the other factions in my region, only 4 groups I think would survive. One faction would be more like the saviors. One like the kingdom. The next faction would be like the hilltop. The last group is definitely like the whisperers, bunch of sneaky jerks. Everyone else in the region isn’t active enough to be considered anything other as a liability.

Our crew has X military, hunters, fisherman, and some mechanics diesel and automotive. I think we could make a pretty good go of it.

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I think we’d survive pretty well. I know id have a lot to offer and I know they do as well. We have a lot of smart folks, talented, logical and reasonable. We have good leadership. We work pretty well together. I think we work pretty well with our region considering most I’ve been in, we do our best to work together but doesn’t mean we don’t have issues now and then. I think we would fare well and survive.

Fun post btw, a good thinker one.

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I’d die 12 hours after my inhaler runs out. Oh, well, I had a good run.


While groups provide extra security having 30 people would be a liability in multiple ways like noise, consumption and ego

Only 8 f2p tryhard and 3 p2w will survive, rest are so casuals they dont even see princess event is running even now.

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If there are bugs in said universe I would die pretty fast. And my faction would have abandoned me for panicking over flies and such :wink:

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I’d allow myself to be poached into the top faction if that were to happen. Friends are friends but survival is survival. :smiley:

Still though, the faction I’m in could survive pretty well, we have some heavy hitters and those who aren’t as heavy could do other useful things. Surviving isn’t just about being able to kill. Someone has to do the farming, medical stuff, pimping, mechanics, building and tech.

Find out who is good at what and make use of them.

I’d have to leave Pandas or ask Molly if I could take over, if I were in that universe I’d wanna be a Negan type of leader…lol

I wouldn’t carry a bat tho…
I’d have to have a different weapon.


99.9% of us would last about 14 seconds when facing a group of the undead. The other .1% would stick around for another 30 seconds…Brains…

Anyone who thinks any differently is delusional.

If your weapon is the infinity gauntlet just give me a warning

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Tbh i am not sure, we work as one and we work hard. As far as a real zombo apoc i actually have a bug out bag, weapons, food, etc and a plan on what to do with a group of my friends, some old war buddies, yes, we have sat down and had very serious talks about what we should/need to do, we have practiced a few times, of course we cant do our full plan but we can do some of it, our full plan involves guns and taking the air force base out here lol so that kinda stuff we cant really practice. I feel very confident in my team and our plan, as for how long we would survive, idk, if just like walkers of TWD universe and not like resident evil, we would survive a long time.

:rofl: whats that saying, you dont have to be fast/faster than the zombies just faster than the person next to you, reminds me of that


Yup that is exactly what I was thinking.

In all honesty i know i would do well since i know a little bit about everything, but for my faction is honestly a tough answer though as i really dont know everyones line of work.

I’d leave my best friend for dead like Shane left Otis@Hoof

I’d be kicking zombie heads off, and running off walls.
I have training in several different forms of martial arts, and I’m an ex-marine.

I don’t have enough peace of mind to play with everything I lost in the game. excuse me