How would you like to see 6* characters adjusted?


Let’s compile the list here. Make public the community’s desires.

Let’s not dive into the ease or difficulty of acquiring legendary characters or gear needed, but focus on the characters and their traits, skills, and statistics.

For example, I don’t like Tyreese having decapitate at the moment. It’s just too OP for now.


I feel there are too few to comment on right now.

I have no issue with the OP-ness of some of their traits. They are 6 stars, they HAVE to be better than 5 stars by the very definition!

Its like comparing 5 stars to 4 stars.


Not really, the gulf between 5* and 6* is much bigger like comparing 3* to 5* only the gulf is bigger than that too!


Even HP? Top 5* have 1200+ HP


I can’t comment on how I feel about the stats without commenting on the availability so I’ll save that for another time lol.


Ok, however whats the point of bringing out a lot of new “meh” characters? If the peak 5 star is, say Priya, then all other 5 stars will have to equal her to be valid in the game. Ergo, move onto 6 stars, and make 5 stars the 3 star depot fodder of the future.

I for one am loving the increased power. Farming isn’t such a grind when it goes quickly for one!


Lets be honest they were PERFECT the way they were right before the boost. 5s were still useable but 6s were still better obviously now theres no adjustment 5*s are trash now.


They are fine, there just needs to be a lot more of them.


Keep the stats the way they are now, any higher and unless you’ve got a 6* team you’re guaranteed a loss.


Remove them


Keep their stats, I LOVE winning matches again!