How would you improve Faction Onslaught?

Rather than moaning about the event, let’s make suggestions for Scopley to improve the event.

Here are mine:

Individual milestones

Keep the faction milestones

Move onto war once both factions have used all attacks or both are dead

Reduce attacks to 1 each so factions have to be tactical within events and this will encourage the stronger players to attack the stronger players.


Make it so all facs actually match so they can play it?


Finish game when one faction killed the other? What is the purpose of waiting onw hour?


Pointless giving any suggestions they don’t listen


Seriously Scopes??

What exactly broke rules and guidelines?

It’s cause you’re in the wrong bucket.


this, finish when one completes, man it’s 1 hour snorefest

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You said deIete, when you say deIete, it triggers the system and auto fIags it, also fIag is a trigger word

wait, how come u can say those two words and not get fleg

They should take it down this POS tournament.


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are u really the CEO of scopely in disguise?

We seem to matching factions that’s all s16665543 ffs

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I don’t think saying ppl r moaning is fair. We are providing feedback. If it’s so boring that ppl r explaining that etc I don’t think it’s moaning… but as it is, Scopely haven’t even bothered to say where to give input, like is it gonna be only from that thread? I’m not gonna go to a PC member cos it ain’t their job, and from what I’ve seen I’ve seen no surveys etc about the specific event and what should be kept and what should be improved. Surveys are a professional and useful way to get clear info but seems like they wanna just leave it up to chance

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I’d add coloured blocks of different shapes and colours which cascade slowly, but getting increasing faster, from top to bottom of the screen, You then guide and link them together as close as you can into a wall-like structure. I’d call it Tetrislaught.


Youre all my bucket and i love my bucket

What about have an impact on if you get killed… Oh wait. That’s war.

How about having scoring that makes sense. This isn’t quidditch, why do things that make everything else worthless?

Oh right, the best strategy is to reward people who already have toons with crazy stats (S-Class)


If one factions kills another just move on. This waiting shit is fkn boring


My personal issue here would be that battles would be over in 10 minutes based on the current lives. Therefore you’re going to need to login in constantly to play this event.

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