How would you celebrate 4 years?

As you all know its TWDRTS’s 4th birthday! It’s been very controversial and it got me thinking what could people come up with here in short thought?

How would you celebrate a 4 year commitment to a game? You played every or nearly every day for 4 years going through the thick and thin, what would you realistically expect as a player or what sorts of ideas do you have to truly make something a celebration?


A throwback wheel…with all of the 6 stars on it. Log in daily for the month and every 7 days you accumulate enough tokens to do a pull.
There are enough 6stars that players could pull a lame toon…but they also could have the thrill of pulling something awesome.

I miss that very slim and awesome chance when players could be surprised by their luck.
Solo level ups where there was a chance you had a toon in the crate you won.

Also…a daily wheel where you pull a can. World energy, raid, territory, horde, sr, war.
A small gesture that encourages folks to play the game even more…it’s actually a benefit to Scopely.

Lord, Scopely makes the absolute worst decisions.



I would like a time machine, go back 2 years ago and quit back then.


I love it! I just had the idea that having 2 separate wheels, one for only Leader skill toons, another for only specialist toons. I personally have great leaders and lack with specialists right now while many others are struggling for good leaders. Both would cost the same, you choose which to take the chance on.


Even better go back 4 years and never download this pile of :poop: in the first place.


The problem for FTP comes when they reach a high playing level. Back when my friends and I first started playing we decided to put together a faction and try to become the best FTP faction in our region. There was a ton of excitement in putting in the effort and watching the faction get better every event. Once we achieved that we kinda ran out of things to do. Sadly things became boring and Scopely kept making dumb decisions so it was no longer worth the aggravation and people began to leave to try to find new things to make the game fun again. maybe ftp players can only go so far before the game begins to be a chore instead of an enjoyment

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Give me some cake

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1 month without up and assault

By quitting the game and uninstalling the app!
coming back when changes have been made! :rofl:

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