How will you spend your Seasons Tokens?

Interested in how people are spending their tokens, especially how many have bought the (mostly) useless non-ascendable 5 stars or weapons. Mark what you’ve bought and let’s see if a bit of crowd opinion can’t help those sitting on the fence about particular purchase options.

I have purchased:

  • M’irabelle
  • Zeke
  • Kelly
  • Priya
  • Konrad
  • Kate
  • Mirabelle’s Saw Blade
  • Zeke’s SMG
  • It’s all trash, try harder for Season 2 Scopely

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And what about anything leftover?

  • Spending all my tokens, we can earn more tokens next season
  • Saving it up in hope of getting a head start on Season 2 items

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I’m saving. I know Ezekiel is good and all but I’m not sure if he will fit my team.

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I picked up Priya. Have two yellow shieldchone. Trying to make an annoying 5* tower team.


im spending it on booze and girls…


I picked Ezek and just had to grab Priya. Wasted so much money trying for her back in the 5* Era always wanted her. (Ik shes useless idc :joy:)
Currently have 17k left plus whatever we get from the final stretch. Fingers crossed the “new toons” are worth waiting for.


I got Mira and zek disappointed in both and If I didn’t already have Kate I’d of bought her too but to sum it all up I am disappointed hopefully next season is something good


I got zeke for my rainbow defence team. I also grabbed priya and konrad as they are certainly going to be future acendables.

maybe around 2025…


I got Mirabelle and Zeke. I do not know when we will see them again and there could be good complimentary characters released later. I also bought the green weapon because stronger trait can be very useful and isn’t native to strong weapons.

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yes, I know

Meanie :yum:

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1% for Kelly lmao :joy::joy:

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I tip a cap of a certain variety in your direction, ser

Well I had to vote for "it’s all trash"which I don’t actually believe. I just wasn’t overwhelmed on the toons vs what i already have

Ignore the weapons. Just get Mira and Zeke. If you don’t have enough then make a choice on either based on your current setup. Save the rest for season 2.

Have enough for Mira, I took Zeke. But wanna hold off. Even tho we gotta wait an extra week now smh

Zeke and Priya. I got her because she was a pain in the arse and the end of the 5 :star: era.

I don’t need to buy my girls to bad you have to bud

I purchases Zeke and his gun.

I actually lucked out and got stun gun first try.

However my former rank 1 team is now half empty
and we lost many long timers.

Zeke and Konrad and then started saving for round 2