How well would a burn team do

javi as lead with maggie and naya with yumi and a decap in last slot

Seems like it would be fun to try. Only thing that might be a problem is to many of same color, would be easy to defend against. And I forget, does burn stack?

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no but it does transer from character to character

and also who runs burn resist mod or burn removal on defense

Oh and while we on the topic of burn. Notice how like a burn on attack mod will sometimes break guardian and sometimes not?

Yea, not many run burn resist, although with new burn characters around, probably see more of them. Still, would be pretty sweet to see that burn pile up on one toon and then… Pop.

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well let the burn almost kill them and finish them with a decap so it spreads aster

For sure, was playing with the burn toon on roadmap and doing just that. Have been thinking of a burn team as well, since I got that new Maggie.

naya in the league store javi a good leader for the team yumi was easliey aviable and the last slot is changable

Yea, got a couple Yumi laying around, one bumped up and she is better than I thought.

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Sure some will hop on here and poo poo the idea, but I say give it a try, never know until you do.

Burn doesn’t stack so I’m assuming not too well .
I’d be happy to be proved wrong though as I have all the ones you mentioned :slight_smile:

Burn teams are not as good as bleed teams, since burn doesn’t stack. Burn acts as more of a compliment to damage.

I will be running pick your path maggie and naya behind level up mitten maggie for killing range teams, def will be fun to try out, naya puts in hella damage rn

your supposed to run burn with bleed. that way, three toons’ bleed would stack while burn torched um up…two burns because only one burn effect per toon keeps the burn affect constant, whilst bleed stacks per effect per toon consecutively.all toons will be burning and bleeding along with melee or/and ranged damage, by round two. very effective against that pesky little bonus HP hijinks.


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