How well does the note 7 run this game?

i’m going to buy it from my friend soon so im wondering

Used to use a note 7 before I switched to Apple. Oh sure how long ago that one was but it was when the iPhone 7 came out. It ran fine back then

Okay thank you. Also, please don’t kill my mother or have me turned into a martian.

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Maybe an Astro zombie or have a stay in my London dungeon?

My note 7 ran the game fine. It got every hot at times during long war sessions but never did catch fire or explode. I personally waited as long as possible to turn it in on the final recall. This was even after Samsung forced updates that cut a fully charged battery to cap out at 60%. Currently using a note 8 and note 10.

I have a 10 and it runs okay. If your looking for an older phone I had a droid turbo 2 and I loved that phone. The battery only held out about a year and a half though.

No idea how you peeps play this game on a phone, :eyeglasses: needed here

cuz im not an old fart i can still see




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