How well does a Samsung S5 run this game

Yes you can

The only reason you wouldn’t be able to transfer your account is if you are in beta since only android can get that version. All you’d have to do is wait until the ios version catches up though

This game runs off your wallet not your phone

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Not true I transferred from A iPhone to a Galaxy

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Ok but this is what scopely has said, idk if it works, but theirs been posts of this before and people cant fet their accounts and it was said that changing OS wont work, idk if it does or doesnt and those few were unlucky or what, just this what i have come to understand from scopely saying so, i would urge OP to look into that and get confirmation from scopely first

@LadyGeek it has been stated in the past that you cant change from android to apple or apple to android. Any clarification on this?

i just did a transfer 10 minutes ago from my ipad to android phone i do this maybe 3 or 4 times in a week it is no problem any one telling you it is a problem does not know how to do it properly or is just saying things for no reason

A lot of people do this on a regular basis with no issues. There are some caveats though. If the first transfer is one direction (I forget which), future transfers are always problematic. If you’re a beta user, you can’t swap back and forth during beta. Even if you’re not a beta user, updates sometimes come out at different times on different app stores and you could end up locked to one platform until the other platform gets the update.

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i myself play this game S5 and it is working smooth no problem

It seems to be running better than the iPhone by a considerable margin

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