How well does a Samsung S5 run this game

I’m going to move from an iPhone 5s to a Samsung s5

Runs it better than Scopely does


Does a LG tribute run this game well? Im getting a new phone once I get paid this wednesday

Are you making fun of me lol

No thats not even a insult. I broke my tablet from rage from raiding and Im getting a new phone.

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Oh ok sorry thought since I was asking about an older phone you were going to try to troll me lol

I mean, it works well on a 2014 android tablet. I think an S5 should suffice

Game runs fine even on a :potato:,had a piece of shit phone in the past with the worst android version and it was fine

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I have an Lg tribute dynasty and it runs fine

Ok good.

Used to play it on Samsung s5. It runs fine.

I used to play it on a s4 with no issues

I’m playing on a s5 neo and it runs great. Not sure if it’s the operating system but it’s rarely affected by most of the bugs.

Be aware that you can not transfer your account from apple to andriod or andriod to apple

Not true. My main was on android & is now on ios.

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I got a s5 it runs like a champ

Say goodbye to your account then.

I also play on an S5, game runs great. Never had and issue.

Well idk then cause that is what scopely has said a few times, its prob rng and you got the lucky 0.01% chance pull :rofl:

I just switched in March, it was flawless. So idk if its just a small percentage of people.