How we know they do not care

You are doomed!

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Oh get over yourself…bug fixed, arena tokens given…

Edit: bug fixed, milestones sorted, championship ticket back plus 4 arena tokens…I like it when they release bugged events!!

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I didnt got 4 tickets only 2 smh cant even do the compensation right

Actually you didn’t get anything, the two tickets your talking about maybe the millstone .lol

Then its not even correct becuase rings where a milestone to ,and for the 4 tickets stil a no show

Pure Scopely.

Keep surviving!?!?!!?!!

You got the same groundhog day response I did.

Did I miss the part where you were actually cost any real money? Cause I’m not seeing it do you want the blood of their first born child or something take your tickets and stop crying and wait for it to be fixed like everyone else is doing.

They never listen… download%20(3)

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