How we, as a community are shooting ourselves in the foot


Before we dive off into this topic, please don’t get salty about it. If you’re guilty of doing the things described below, think about the effect people doing those same things are having on the forums and how much they inhibit the flow of information and improvements here.

Right now, we as a community are all desiring more feedback and involvement from the staff on this forum. There are 4 people involved directly with scopely who post here regularly. Shane, dash, combatdevil, and combatman. As a frame of reference, this forum has been running for a little over a week and it has seen about 13,000 posts from about 1,200 users. That means 3,000:1 ratio of posts, 300:1 ratio of users. These people all work, the forum is not their only job. As such, I think we can all agree, expecting them to read everything posted here is unrealistic.

So, some guy makes a thread about wanting a gear map, tags shane, dash, or one of the combat bros, then gets upset because he doesn’t receive an answer within the next few hours and proceeds to throw a temper tantrum. Why is this a big deal? Well, with 13,000 posts, if you keep tagging the same person over and over, they’ll end up with a mountain of notifications to sort through before they ever get to your question about gear that was answered in 4 other threads today.

How can we alleviate this problem and get faster responses to questions? Quit making the same threads over and over, instead look to see if it was answered somewhere else. The 5 minutes of time it takes to see if it was already answered will likely be much smaller than the amount of time between your posting and shane, dash, etc. answering the same question for the 5th time today. This frees up their time to answer unique questions, questions of merit, questions that you couldn’t find the answer to with 5 minutes of effort.

Some user makes a venomous thread, about their hatred for a game nobody is forcing them to play. They talk about how stupid this person is, how incompetent that person is, then DEMANDS someone from scopely respond to their complaining right NOW or they are quitting the game. Hate to break it to you, but if a forum post is your make or break, you might just wanna move on, because obviously you aren’t enjoying the game.

What does this kind of posting do? Outside of creating negativity and an environment where most people wouldn’t want to interact with you, it doesn’t really do much at all. Rather than rant and insult, why not look to see if a thread about the same thing has been created(back at the first point), then add a post there(or create a new thread if one hasn’t already been made), explaining your opinion in an articulate manner, so as to contribute/create a discussion about your problem.

Nobody wants to come here as part of their job and be berated/insulted all day. They just don’t want to. If you want more involvement from people at scopely, start by making this an environment they feel more welcomed in. Recognize the changes that have happened within the last month, say thank you occasionally.

Some of those changes, in case you haven’t noticed.

More involvement from people associated with scopely
Event calendar
A run down on prizes for the upcoming war
fixes of bugs posted here(and damn fast)
explanations of game mechanics from people who know what they’re talking about

If you look at this forum now vs were it was a few months ago, you would be blind to not see the improvement, so why not get on board with that and start being a part of the improvement yourself?

To the community:
4* weapon parts map plz

Here is the reality though, the people you’re interacting with on this forum aren’t the ones lying to you. They are largely functioning as mouth pieces to relay information told to them by others. So why berate them, when faction level turns out to be solo? The stuff with 6* hasn’t been handled well, but it seems like we’ve adopted the mindset of chimps in a zoo. We fling shit at the trainers, then get angry when they don’t want to come see us. Talk to these people in the same manner as you’d talk to a friend and I’d bet you get friendly responses back.


Site staff doesn’t flag posts. Users flag posts. That isn’t scopely doing that, it’s other members.


Who are we supposed to complain too? In game support has automated responses… are we just suppose to accept every liege bug that occurs?


You must’ve missed the threads where people were flagging each other so much it was automatically closing the thread, even when site leaders were trying to open it. People flag for all sorts of reasons. If it was site staff, they would just delete the post itself.


You’re referring to the norma war, or which war?


Nobody is saying you shouldn’t complain, I’m suggesting look to see if your complaint has already been made in another thread. If so, add it there. When you do add it, try to post as if you were speaking to someone you liked, rather than being abusive.

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I wouldn’t ever be rude to Shane, but I will be rude towards the game in general. I will show respect when they show respect for the players that fund their jobs.


And that’s a perfectly reasonable position, this is more the sort of thing I’m talking about, screenshot in a moment


No, I don’t. I think that maybe we could have a few less people responding to stuff like that and a few more moderators to remove that type of poster.


The forum is new, the trolls will get bored and leave soon enough.

At the moment its scrappy because people are replying to whatever they can to raise their reputation to get access to all the features of the forum. Which is silly, but human nature.

Give it a few weeks and it will be like the old one. A scattering of informative and helpful topics and a majority of people whinging about the latest event/prize/glitch/etc.


Pardon my language, but the last forum was a shithole, I hope this one doesn’t go that route :joy:

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It was, but that was more due to the state of the game and how issues were handled then anything else. The longer issues get ignored the more toxic people become about it, and then about everything. Sure there will always be trolls, but I guarantee if scopley actually put out a quality product and respected the players that 80ish% of the problems on the forum would go away.

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Honestly? The same people who made it that way are prevalent on this forum too. If their attitude doesn’t change then its going to be no different.

I lurked a LOT on the other forum because it was a toxic place.

Hopefully they can moderate this one better, and am giving them the benefit of the doubt. For now.


I think that moderation and enforcement of rules is a key. I’m sure that we will see moderators added to do that before the end of the year.


I am not sure some understand how long it takes to get through daily posts from a moderator’s position. There is a lot to get through and there are not very many of us. The forum is new and you have very few actual “Leaders” here who have the ability to moderate, answer questions, and diffuse situations. Mind you, we also have personal lives, work, school, family to deal with. Additionally, I have 29 faction members to take care of and lead in-game. I largely agree that a lot of the posts on here are at times not very constructive and simply just used to vent anger. The energy and time spent by users would be better focused on developing a well thought out, articulate, and clear statement to be communicated through one of the threads linked directly to our select developers that are taking the time out to hear your concerns. If you want to raise concerns with the game, the first thing to do is definitely not shoot the messenger(s). Take it upon yourself to articulate your thoughts, questions, and concerns, in a straight-forward manner on the forums and hopefully you can get a straight-forward answer back if it is possible.

In terms of how community flagging works:

Marking a post as Off-Topic, Inappropriate or Spam will trigger a moderator notification so moderators may review the issue in their flag queue (doc pending). Furthermore, this also “casts a flag” on the post, which has other consequences:
A user whose posts have accumulated 5 “agreed” flags can not reach TL 334. (with unique posts and unique users for each flag, confirmed by a moderator)
A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Registered? users may click-to-view the post.
A staff member can use the “Take Action” button, which will cause this to happen immediately.
When a post is automatically hidden due to flags, the user receives a PM informing them their post was flagged. After 10 minutes, the user may edit their post and it will be unhidden.
If another 3 flags occur, the post will be hidden again and editing will not unhide the post.
A new (TL0) user whose post is flagged as spam 3 times from 3 different users will have all their posts hidden as a result. (TODO: Should probably include inappropriate too)
If after 48 hours a flag is still in the flag queue without any action taken, an automatic mail will go out to contact_email.
A topic with 12 unresolved flags from at least 5 different users will be automatically closed until the moderators can intervene.

Please stop flag-bashing eachother for no reason. It simply gets nothing accomplished. Flag it if it is deemed an issue, not because it will trigger others. If this becomes a further issue, action will be taken.


Me right now:


That is what I have been saying all along. Maybe not in the same context as you but thank you for creating this thread and pointing that out to all the impatient complainers that rage when they don’t get their way. Everybody wants to argue with one another here, berate the staff constantly and bash Scopely every chance they get. Thank you kind sir, hopefully this will stick in peoples minds for future reference.


We get it – you have something funny to say. You’re more frustrated than anybody else could ever be. A particular thread is popular so you assume that posting there will get your issue seen. Then, you go on to complain about a lack of proper response or threads being closed.





If you don’t have anything constructive to add to a topic, use that like button to show you like it. Flag it if it’s not appropriate. If you have an issue with an individual user, PM that user.

Please, stop getting good threads closed.


YES!!! you are right