How viable is an all/most revive defense?


Crazy idea time!

I now have 5 revive toons (blue survival road jesus, blue limited edition jesus, blue life among them Abraham, red Joshua, and green Siddiq). Has anyone tried an all revive defense? Or 3/4 revives with a shield and/or healer?


They all get one shotted by 6*. GG


Once someone figured out what u got, your defense wont be worth much.


No, but I’ve gone up against 3 and my Tyreese knocks them off pretty easy


Before tyrese I used 3 revives very effectively, but 6* ty with decapitate put an end to that one.


The problem with all revive is they can’t last long enough to time out. If you throw up double abs def and three revivers, you will do ok, especially is one is a revive that heals like blue Amy, but once it’s seen someone is gonna take you out. That defense you suggested would get wiped on two with the Victor/Sandy combo. Red Joshua might last til three, buy unlikely. I’d hit that defense with Victor, Sandy, barker, blue ty and yellow command Maggie. On one I’d drop one of the jesuses, likely the 45 rusher, on two I’ll have a toon ready to pop, depending how you attacked. I’d command Victor, then let Sandy or barker ar. Use ty to neuter whoever is ready to pop. Mop up on three.


I was using Connie lead, dwightx2, rosita, and magna, 3 stuns, 2 impairs, and it was an awesome loot defense


The trick to an awesome defense is to not give your opponents an opening to attack. Averaging 128 defends per war with my current defense, and 97% defends when I have it up during non war times. I’ve got people hitting me 5 times in a row without beating me. And it’s only using two 6s and three 5s.




Do tell sir…


I run 6arl lead with a revival sword, Sr Zeke with attack down katana, shieldchonne with abs def, 6eke with a crit boosting kukri, revive siddiq with oar 40 def, 30 hps. If I ever get a better melee revive I’ll replace siddiq, but he does the job for now.


i ran eric lead blue amy, blue limited jesus, blue survival road jesus x2
in territories for a good while.
NOt a horrible team sometimes it defens well


I fought so many defenses with revives; I use 3 reds 2 green and the only defense team with a revive which can defend me is the one which has boob lead w/stun gun, konrad, ty with impair, command siddiq with impair, and red revive dwight with stun gun :roll_eyes:


Are you in a new region? I ran that same team, with better weapons, as a territory team, and it got demolished.


Nah, old region. Went up against two old regions in crw, and they all had trouble with it too.


That’s weird, siddiq without AP is so slow. He should go off like turn 5. I think people must be struggling to figure out the new 6* meta or something, because shiva stunning michonne turn 2 should make that team lunch.


I forgot I swapped Siddiq’s weapon. He has a Morgan’s shovel very large when attacking, very large when defending, and 30 defense.

I think the saving grace is Zeke. His double bubbles keep my guys from being hit by the effects. Most my opponents say he bubbles every round.


That’s what I mean about stun shiva. She goes around guardian shields.


Seems easy.


My team is unique