How useful is Axel now a days?

I’m considering building up Wayland and Ryker for him.

Just imagine him with S Class Priya… key word imagine

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Many people will say having Axel in the age of Sclass is a waste but I feel that having a toon that can execute and decap an enemy at 20% health would be useful. With Pete having around 10k health in most teams, wouldn’t it be useful to execute and decap him at about 2000?


won’t be a problem behind a Michelle and shield with hard hitting fast decap… he coming in for clean up


His ap weapon and AS will prolly make him pop every round, behind Alice. In RM he was the most pain in the mass

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A lot of people are bulding green defenses to have a proper use for Laopo and James. So Axel and even Sandy, are very useful on the current meta, and with the strongest ranged lead ever like Priya only a dumb player would miss a chance of play a powerful decap like Axel.

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I use axle with Priya lead. He’s amazing. He’s in my lineup instead of even that free s class red chick. I consider him to be in between a gen 2 6* and an s class.

what are good mods for Axel?

I would go for confuse resist and attack

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He’s not worth using vet rings on but if you want to give him a go try him out.

Atk set:

Atk buff
Atk vs strong
Stun resist (to avoid special strong weapons)

You choice the remaining 2 slots

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Sure would take him if you have both toons ready. He is still helpful in my opinion. Do you have enough items to upgrade him? In all this time since the flag road maps are up I could get just 1 black flag. Means I would not be able (probably never will) to max him out. Lmao!!1

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