How “unlucky” can an account be..?!

Ok. So I’ve been playing this for 2 years now. Had a good run before the armoury came out. Since the armoury has come out, I’ve literally got one stun to successfully craft in the armoury, that’s it…

I’ve constantly had two weapons going in both armouries at as much as I possibly can ( apart from the odd few times where kits/tapes were much harder to get and I had none to use ) and yet I still cannot get the crit I’m after.

I crafted the stun gun closer to when the armoury first came out and I have not had anything hit stun/impair/ap down ( anything good, worth keeping) since. Now that’s been close to, if not, over a year.

One stun gun success… in one year…

It’s driving me insane!!! So I contacted support, not sure what I was expecting to be honest, but the reply I got was literally another copy and paste response ( I know this because I’ve seen this response elsewhere ) claiming that the weapon mods are random and it comes down to luck blah blah blah.

So at the end of the day, I’m asking, how “unlucky” can an account honestly be?!


You aren’t alone. One guy in our faction has been trying a few times a week since it was released and only got his first recently.


in 2 years…i never got a 5* draw, no 4* wep drop, and no armory success. My first 5 was lee a few tt events back, kal off a single in his debut, and war token chonne on her second premier. My only armory major success has been one stun earned a week and a half ago now that terrs have been fixed up.

I literally see friends pulling a desired trait about 3/times a week, and amongst 80 or so of us thats a low sample considering we all start crafting on at least one terr.

So to answer your question…extremely. RNG does us no favors.

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To clarify: Thats 3 from all 80 of us, not 3 on a single person.

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Lol I definitely know that feeling, I’m watching others pull decent mods every week and I’m still over here rocking my attack down a year on. Lmao

So, if you imagine a weapon is moving along a board like monopoly and you’re trying to hit free parking, every craft moves it closer. The results are predetermined per weapon, they aren’t randomly generated at the time of the craft. Because of this, modding and resetting the weapon progresses you toward free parking, one space at a time, where as trying another weapon starts over.

Now, you may only be 1 spot away from free parking on that new weapon, or you may be 20, but because you know the outcomes are preset, I believe you are always better resetting and trying on the same weapon until you get the desired result, rather than trying on different weapons each time. This is because you’re progressing towards the desired result with each try, rather than hoping for it to be 1 spot away on a different weapon.


Im a top 100 in my region even with horrible odds, because I can make Great Average weps and rock a team with em, and build functional defenses that just piss off everyone with unexpected toons and bullshit gimmicks.

Until Ascencion that was. Now my annoying teams can die to Super Barkers and the One Eyed Iron Bastard, or just get out right decapped by turn 3. I rebuilt my teams to be all power and just the barest hint of control. Offensively its pretty reliable, defensively i hate this damn concept and am waiting dor the other shoe to drop.

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That’s what I thought, and that’s what I’ve been doing but after a month or two of solidly trying on that one weapon you start to think it has bad juju or something and start on something else lol

But lll definitely be sticking to that one weapon from now on, regardless of how long it actually takes lol

Thanks heaps for the explanation! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No problem at all, happy to help. Another thing, take advantage of the territories for crit success if you can. They really do help, not a lot, but some, and with a long haul thing like this, you want every bit of help you can get


Final is right. In every crit success and the one Super Success ive had recently we held a crit terr and sometimes both at start of craft. 90% of my crafts have since come back with a crit success, even if not the desired one.

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Oh, one other thing. You’ll find that a shift is going to take place in weapons and is taking place right now. At one point 8% weapons were a very big deal, they allowed turn 1 teams, allowed you to run without an AP leader on defense, etc. With the longer ARs provided by 6* characters, these weapons are, or will be, collecting dust on the shelf. If I didn’t have any weapons, the order of importance I would focus on would look like this.

  1. Special weapon for my best shield/leader combo. Defensive stun based on a desert eagle for magna, as an example.
  2. Basic mods, adding 30% health to weapons to beef up my toons quickly and cheaply(doesn’t need duct tape or polishing kits).
  3. AR add one for colors without 4* AR bonus(think yellow if you haven’t pulled Jesus blades.

Once you’ve hammered those 3 out, you’ve gotten the most bang for you buck.

After this, I’d focus on the weapons that suit your roster best. If you’re heavy on ranged toons or upcoming ascendable ranged toons, I’d focus there. I would also keep in mind that there are some situational hidden gems out there. Double attack being an example. Throw it on tyrese and he is a monster. Didn’t get 8% on an old yellow try? Odds are you got +35 crit which is amazing for guardian zeke.

Basically, get the meat and potatoes before you start asking for dessert.


I’ve yet to get any good crit let alone stun so that unlucky? Then again I was lucky enough to be screwed disassembling, twice!

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Ouch man, thanks for reminding me to be grateful for my one stun lmao! Fingers crossed your luck picks up soon! :slight_smile:

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Lmao loved the ‘meat and potatoes’ at the end :joy::joy:
Thanks heaps again for your help, it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hell, with Ty being the Second Coming of Blue Superpowers, I am seeing a lot of Double Attack Huge Ap Attack heavy weps on Ty, and the museum collection is gonna makr it even worse.

Several unviable traits are now suddenly so much more useful because of the larger HP Pools, slower fights, and Actives that heal on defend isnt a bad choice now either.

The oldies are still nice, but theres other options that can be had that I see could be made on the right toon as a damn pest of a trait.

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Good read, thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Ok… So I guess I’m the lucky account to counter your unlucky one. Had 2 abs def and 1 stun gun, woke up this morning and got a second stun gun. Still trying for the green stun.

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I have about 8 special stat weapons… on the reserve side… never, in two years pulled a promo toon.

Guy in my faction has zero special stat weapons. Tries a few times a week. Been playing two years as well.


You lucky duck! Lol glad to hear the luck is working for some :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️