How to use the Firestarter and Lacerator

I have Yellow Shiva, Davie, Naya, Princess, Rick. But I do not have any clue how to use them in attack or def.

How shall I make use of them?

Bleed :
On attack is fairly self explanatory , keep hitting people bleeding with lacerators and the amount of bleed dmg they take increases . On defense all you can really do is add bleed mods so more opponents are potentially at risk

Burn :
On atk it spreads so if you hit someone burning with a firestarter it’ll spread to an adjacent opponent . On defense it’s purely luck if it works in my experience , could be great could be rubbish .

Remember - Bleed stacks / Burn replaces , so no need for burn mods unless you want your Nayas high burn to be replaced by a tiny one

These are mostly attack toons I don’t think there is a good setup for them to work in a team together. Besides naya + shiva.
If u get the toon from the whisper event that will change things.

  1. Princess relys too much on the right set up to work in a bleed team you will have better toons use a bleed mod on a healer or revive toon.
  2. shiva can be used in atk or def team hits hard works well behind a jesus shield its a slow win team in shield revive team Main and bleed combo.
  3. Davies is one is still use in teams. Great for Green revive teams. Paired with sandy decap and hersal for his focus. 500-800 bleed 1st round dead toon 2nd. Davie at the min his only role is to soften them up for sandy.
  4. dont have Rick but on paper he seems good. Paired with Bruce.
  5. Naya now most players make her an attack toon I use her as defense toon let the burn do the work so def mods and weapon. Naya and shiva are the only 2 I’d pair in a team out of them for now. For this reason.
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Princess is 100% one of the top toons in bleed attack teams. Might change with Michelle enabling red/yellow bleed teams, but right now Princess is excellent.

She’s not really there for her bleed, though it’s nice chip damage. She taunts three both on her active and on her rush, and gets elusive as well. This gives you time to let the bleed do its work and keep the revivers busy/low on ap. You rarely need more bleed than 4 bleed mods and fast Shiva will give you, the key is to keep the revive loops from going off. On bleed teams, its very difficult to decap, so control is key, and taunt is very effective and rarely modded against.

@allok here’s a simple team to try: League Sandy lead, Princess, Anna (w/AP down if possible), Ivanova (w/Stun Lucille if possible), fast Shiva. Bleed mods, and burn on Shiva. Not a particularly fast team, but can take down almost everything.

She isn’t useless not what I’m saying but for bleed teams she is to slow and others would fill the role better. I used her for a bit but the meta changed speed is the was key advice I was going for.

Thanks all.

I don’t have Anna and Ivanova. I am not sure how to setup a bleed/burn team. What I believe is bleed/burn shall be helpful as most teams do not equip with resist bleed/burn.

Fast bleed team seems challenging, because it doesn’t harmonize well with the typical fast strategies; maybe Michelle will change this. Bleed is very consistent and will get you wins though. Would be interested in seeing your team.

@allok, you could replace Ivanova with another Guardian 2, ideally yellow Rick or green Kal, but the others should work as well. The impair rush and recover Stun are very useful, but you should be able to get it to work with the others. Replacing Anna is a it tougher, but Romanov would definitely work if you have him. Just make sure its someone with an active skill that can control the enemy.

this is one setup and the other was one I used before

Take out 2 of the non lacerators and put some defense on your att team - you will need it to survive the time Bleed takes to work.
Put bleed mods onto ALL 5 of your toons!
Hit with Shiva 1st - don’t want her to partially lacerate mid round, but you DO want the chance of her weapon going off.
Then hit with 3 non-Rick toons and leave Rick until last so he doubles everything.
1st turn I get 1,194 single turn bleed if unlucky with Shivas weapon and 1,994 multi turn bleed when lucky.
Rinse & repeat…

p.s. don’t use burn - it doesn’t really work as an attacking mechanic!

I used to use lacerator Rick and White Shiva together. Gabe lead. It’s a team simply built for auto play but it’s useless in the current 3 revive meta. It keeps killing them and they keep popping up so it’s more for use when driving and warring, LOL. Because we need to decap, burn and bleed are cumbersome because they often kill toons before you’re ready to cut their heads of.

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