How to use Blue Tobin in Attack or Def Team

Just T4 it. (level 35), no mods, default weapon.

May anyone share how to use it?

I tried that:
Blue Carl + Disarm Mich + HS Magna + Tobin + Regina
Blue Carl + Disarm Mich + Yellow Michelle + Tobin + Regina

But the attack is not that great.

Thanks for your sharing.

Here is what I used prior to depoting everything

This was my normal attack team. I’d say won 90% of the time. My Tobin was modded w defense set and his weapon was huge ap on attack and 38 attack slot 1 I believe.

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Looking through old SS brings a tear to my eye :sleepy:

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Thanks. So you use Kate to bypass the def HS, I believe.

Yes, had her and tobin both equipped with high impair resist mods so they had every chance to rush. She also had absolute defense weapon just in case

That is what I am thinking. Shall I have a disarm in the team?

I never used a disarm on attack so I cant comment, even though I had chonne

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What’d you do with his weapon? Leave abs def or add impair to his weapon?

20%ap his gun :wink:

Trust me. 1st round, or 2nd round rush with proper toons on your team

Do you know of 20+ap goes to toon wielding the weapon or is it random?

Do you know if 20+ap goes to toon wielding the weapon or is it random?

Goes directly to the toon using the weapon.

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Perfect thanks bro! I was thinking of using andrea lead, G2 rick, double tobins, and for the last slot was thinking of using harper or a different toon

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