How to treat customers

I’ve played this game longer than any other game by far. Unfortunately 2019 was not a good year for it. It was so bad I looked for another game since I was spending less time and money on this one. The S-Class reset WAS on tract to rectify things and then Mercer came out. I have been playing Marvel Strike Force. On top of the 3-5 daily log-in gifts we get, I woke up to this today. Seriously Scopely, take note


You get 5 free gold bars daily. Jeez what more do you want. Keep on surviving.


Marvel appreciates their customers tho. Those 50 red star tokens, cost more then all the compensation Scopely has given us in 4+ years combined.

They also have things that can ONLY be purchased such as those red stars, but gave them out for free.

Bet they have a killer event today too for free stuff for people. I don’t like Marvel as much as this game, but I play Marvel because they care about their customers.


My thoughts exactly. I love this gameplay much better. If I stopped playing this game, I couldn’t spend as much time on that game if I wanted to. But I buy their small offers occasionally because they appreciate their players.

In msf I love that from time to time you get very good compensation for some bug they fixed but you didn’t even know there was a bug.

I really dislike Marvel so this game would not be for me.

It’s pathetic.

Can you put things into perspective by doing a 1 for 1 comparison of what:

50 red star tokens
500 green lightning bolts
500 yellow lightning bolts

Might mean in twdrts? Eg. 50 = 50 premiere pulls? 500 green = 500 choc cakes?

The red star tokens are stat boosters - like veteran rings if they can be used without toons being maxed. 50 of them for free is huge. The yellow lightning bolts are basically roadmap energy, so 500 is like 5 cans. The green lighting are for special events.

The game is shard-based with several “wheels” that give shards. So that gift was on top of the several daily gifts that give character shards, gear or “wheel” pulls

Its Kinda difficult due MSF have another system for enhancing your heroes. The 50 red star tokens can help you to buy and extra promotion for +25% power. Getting herores with 4+ red stars are pretty usefull.

The 500 yellow lightning bolts is like 5-7 world energy cans
The 500 green bolts are used for an grinding event, is likely 5 cans of special energy for that event. You could get an 3* hero and more shards for ascending to 4*. The character is OK but you can enjoy getting the heroe just playing and not overspending.

It was a nice gift I must say…

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