How to stay happy and positive with Scopely managed games


First off remember they do not develope anything, except how to monetize, their first and foremost job is to figure out how to make you spend. They do contracts with developer’s and promise to provide X amount of money for the developer’s and get a percentage of that. This being known will help to hopefully relieve your woes when it comes to why nothing seems to be fixed, why things feel impossible, or that things feel rigged.

Second would be to start to feel different when it comes to cheats, borderline scams, and the super secret RNG. Sure the game probably has cheaters and it seems they are able to run rampantly never to be caught, but think of it this way if you could would you not? I always question wether it is cheaters which brings me to this, if you have played long enough then you should remember when Scopely was caught using unreleased characters to win tournament’s back when it was raids and level ups only. They said it was an error but by then months went by and real people spent money to lose anyhow trying to catch or pass these accidental "test"teams. In the criminal world this is called “rigging the system” or “spicing the pot”.
This brings me to the borderline scam element of the game. Again if you’ve played long enough you know that what is said and what is done is usually just “double speak” this is when they tend to say one thing do another or they add sayings like better chance and that things can’t be changed, repaired, or fixed. Even though if you’ve again played long enough you’ve seen it done multiple times. Even recently with adding 6to pay wheel and upping the stats. It also shows with the pay wheel and the super secret RNG of the game. New people are lucky with this now days because you are at the very least guaranteed 1 5while most likely a crappy one, it’s still one. Us older players only had a chance at maybe one and most likely only guaranteed 40 3s with a slight chance of getting a 4. So this while still sucks is better then before.
The only way I’ve found to stay positive that could help you is always expect shit, the worst possible outcomes and think of not finishing or completing as really winning! Like the current event with Dwight event that is not made to be done, the new shinny faction assault characters, the old prestige character’s, or any bag chances for gear. In my experiences with this game if anything good does happen it feels as though I’ve found a bug or glitch in the game.
I guess what I’m saying if you change your perspective, know of how the game mechanic works, know the position of a deal what the role of Scopely is it’s hard to get angry.
And yes it’s good to add suggestions to help improve the game but again realize Scopely will use that info to make new ways to monetize it and add to game. So when they do, don’t get mad just know it’s how they work.
Also another way to stay positive is to inform people of the mechanics of the game, so they to can be happy playing.

Stay positive people, as Scopely would say Keep surviving and they’ll take it to the team, the how to make money team though, not the developer team.

How To Get People To Play Your Game

Stay happy eh…



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shorter answer: alcohol.


Play the game, and have fun.


I opened this thread hoping to see something like this:


Instead, I got half way through reading an essay that made me want to go full rage cake before I realised, this is false advertising!

Seriously. Smell the hypocrisy.


Go back and read it again just this time imagine it in a Monte pyrhon skit or Mel Brooks movie.


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No they should not be happy about being scammed but knowing it’s a scam helps to make better choices.
Everything that is a game is basically a waste of time so knowing this also will help with making better choices.
If you want to improve the the game with feedback this is not the place contact the developer’s or the content owners, let them know the disappointment! Again Scopelys sole role in this game is how to monetize it.
6and soon 5weapons has been planned for a long time
I agree new players are screwed but they hopefully figure out fast that what I posted is the case and can choose wisely later.

One of the biggest problems with this forum is that it is kinda deceptive just like the old one. Anyone who visits here has the impression that Scopely is the creator and developer of the game, when in all honesty they are the managers of how to make money and to monetize it. Sadly the real people behind the scenes do not have a forum setup to discuss the game and the workings. This is probably the biggest cause of the grief! I’m sure Scopely may take info to them but it is probably very slow, it’s hard being that it’s multiple companies and when you see no change in spending how do you explain something is broken? Look how only a few things changed when the money did drop, due to spending striking and when Google changed refund policy.


Vary imformaitive,shines a new light in my prospective…nevertheless I dislike this developer and company.


This is a great post. A 6star legendary post! It is why I am not surprised with anything Scopely does that outrages other players. Lol. What did you expect? It’s not that difficult to comprehend the type of company they are.

Awesome post my friend. I will now quote some of my favorite parts.

If you find something good! Shhhhhhhh. Just Shhhhhh!!! Because it probably is a “bug” and will get nerfed soon.

This is huge too. Forums members don’t seem to understand this!!! Lol keep asking for those medals Benedict’s and prepared for the chokehold to continue. You are just affirming the fact that they are doing the job they want to do, ,which is keep certain items Scarce so that they are worth more Coin or Time when they put it in an offer or huge milestone.


When I stopped overspending I found my happy place. :slight_smile: