How to setup bryan


Was wondering about bryan’s mods. Any suggestions?

Secondly, does ap down mod works on all toons hit by collateral or just the one we target?

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Keen to follow this as want to set him up right.

Assume splash damage on weapon will be the majority of feedback. I am going to use crit set mods for ultimate carnage.

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Only the target

I have alpha and with collat damage, I’ve done her mods 2 ways. 1 critical damage set with critical chance, extra attack, ap drain, attack on red,and stun resist. I have also done attack set critical chance, defense, attack on red, stun resist, and ap drain. Weapon crit, huge ap, double attack. I’d say for Brian mods could go either way. I’d do crit,huge ap, and splash . Cool thing with mods and weapons is u can always reset and experiment and see what u like best,

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