How to run koa 100% legit

Keep koa 1/10"l it has been proven by scientists that koa actually inflicts a secret - 100% def down buff to all enimies and will receive all allies with +100% atk and defense and 100% bonus hp lvling him up to 10/10 or even 2/10 will result in koa losing this and your allies will then receive - 100atk for all raids even if koa isn’t in that team

lol…just like evasion

Koa is a BEAST if you run double shields.

Carl stun sword
Koa AP down
Michield abs def
Dante stun sword
Any other toon like maggie or wyatt

This is an incrediblly annoying time out team.

Yeah dante is annoying I first thought yeah why only 20% but then the revived toon gets the heap so it’s 50% and we’ll it’s heal over time so he basically brings be home some one in the game

i did not understand a single bit of this :-//

Me either. Lol

Madison + eze SR + shiva + mira + command of your choice = rekt carl team

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The best way to use Koa is to use him as a fodder for another 6* rush


Sadly to say, but yes. I’m happy, when koa is in the enemys team.

Madison + Governor, Eugene, Mira & Shiva for me.

So, have we decided? Koa… fodder or keeper?

Ok well since getting koa and getting him a proper weapon, I have been defending more raids. Of course reds are going to wreck him, but blues wreck mirabelle and Erika so does that make them shit? No. +30 def, +30hp and ap down is the best setup to use. My region doesn’t have a ton of red heavy teams, maybe only 5 in top 100 run all red.

This is not a matter of trait, but the character itself. His AR heals him only, healing AS is meh.

Agreed he does his job. Sure green has the worst weapon, but still delays your attackers rushes. He can cause Trouble/frustration especially if he gets a defense boost and extends the match further. Right now I do not feel there is the right combination of greens that are properly able to back him up.

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