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I have the 6 star tough regina. Her secondary skill is %35 hp and %15 ap to 2 teammates. Ap works but it doesnt give any hp. Please fix it

Her Active Skill does not give any HP. It gives 35% AP to 2 if you level it to at least level 5. Below level 5 it gives 20% AP to 2.

I play in turkish you may not understand it but i underline the %35 hp you can see it

Then this is a wording error on Scopely’s part. The intent of the Active Skill is for AP not HP. Sometimes when they convert or translate to some languages mistakes are made.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely someone want to review this? Wording in Turkish says HP but AP is given, as the English versions states.

Then i woundnt get it from the store. Im the one who is suffering :grin:

Thanks, I’ve reported it to be checked and amended.

Player Name:Шурик
Region:Jones [RU]
Device: Meizu M2 Note
OS Version:

After upgrading Shiva to a 6 Star the weapon that i’ve upgraded became standard.

not a bug it resets the weapon

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Player Name: interapt
Device:Samsung galaxy s8+
OS Version: android 8.0.0
Platform: android

2520 gold coins were missing from my account, I didn’t get anything, please sort it out. This amount is very similar to the one I received for the implementation of the special offer.

If you are talking about missing coins from an offer (like playing another game to lvl 10 or something) then you probably need to contact the company that handles that, named Tapjoy. @Interapt

Добрый день.
Имя игрока: Лорд Кувшин
Фракция: Gods of fayete
Регион: shelby (ru)
Устройство: android
Версия игры: от 04.06.2019
Пару дней назад начался турнир. Но это уже не страшно. Проблема заключается в том, что у меня есть жетоны черепа. В первый день была цена 1 день, когда было нужно, чтобы восстановить игру - не помогло. Что делать? Почему цена огромна, это баг?

это не ошибка, это скоро изменится