How to Report Bugs



If you’ve had the Hershell for a really long time, I think it’s a really old issue that could rarely happen when upgrading to the version that Collections were added to.


Yeah…same issue over and over you might as well talk to the brick wall lol…i had problems in war a few weeks ago they didnt reply until after war was over wanting me to give pictures and info how was i supposed to do that when it was over


So I’ve had 6* Bruce since day 1 he became available and immediately noticed a major issue with the disarm function. When michonne was released I picked up one of her as well and the problem has carried over to her. I usually work around it but it seems like something that needs to be addressed. Here it is, disarm is not fully functioning. At best, when a character is disarmed, only the third spot has been disabled. It’s most noticeable when attacking a guardian or a shield. When disarmed, guardians continue to pop shields and in most cases, seem to donot more effectively when disarmed. With shields it is noticeable Bc their health doesn’t go down at the same rate each time. I’ve had instances where I’ve hit a 5* shield michonne (disarmed first hit) and attacked with 8 hits of t4 maxed 6’s before she was killed.


If you read the skill’s description it only disables weapon special abilities. Has no effect on Specialists.



Disarmed characters lose any effect from the weapon. Why would that character continue to perform critical hits?


It only disables the conditional effects. the special third slot items such as absolute defense and stun and impair. I want to say any special stat but i think even a couple of those are not considered conditional.


So when they called it disarm, it’s a bit of an exaggeration then, lol. Ty


Tapjoy offers’ links are taking me to the google homepage or random offers.

I just started a random free trial of the WRONG offer without realizing because it said it was something else entirely. I thought it was the actual offer. It wasn’t.

Now, how exactly am i supposed to get my coins? Because i deserve at least what the original offer that it was supposed to be was offering. My credit card got entered. That’s a problem. @kalishane


Correct, heh.


Not getting Survival Road’s Completion Rewards even though I completed Bronze, Silver and Gold sections.
Quite a bummer…

IOS 11.4.1

Please get me my rewards :slight_smile:


Just bought daily special cuple houers ago and dident get nothing


I mystake my profil. Could you restore my profil?
Profil Name:TERRY
Last played:monday 6.8.2018
Name faction: dead walkers (cz)
Region :Escambia
Operstion systém: android 6.0


Player Name: (HH) Wyntar
Faction: Hells Heroes
Region: Darlington
Device: Galaxy S6
OS Version: Android 5.1.1

I completed the Silver Road (I’m at Gold 1) but on the Completion Rewards screen it still shows me on the Silver stage. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get my rewards for Silver…
I’ve never had this happen before (that I’ve noticed).


It only highlights the area once you completed it. You haven’t completed gold as yet so it will not be highlighted until you reach platinum.



Can’t edit team, level up, also other random lags and restarts I got kicked

Player Name: BACON DE Z
Faction: ZNATION 2.0
Device: LG K4 and Samsung TAB A


The grades are broken which might/probably means the raid matchups are skewed. When Scopely updated the team grades they failed to change the grades you see on your opponents in raids, war and even when you view them in league…

I’m in Woodbury
LG V30
Android 8.0
Shivas Pride
Started after update


RESOLVED realy fast thank

[quote=“bacon, post:79, topic:6109”]
Player Name: BACON DE Z
Faction: ZNATION 2.0
Device: LG K4 and Samsung TAB A
[/quote] is me again. I have not received the awards anniversary event (Cake and Candles) no Garrett and tokens ,please help me


Player Name: МЕРФОЛК
Faction: Smol
My account: YHH-CXQ-HDN
Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a
OS: Android 7.1.2

I noticed that there is an error in Russian localization. Excess bracket in character description (Lydia 5* and Lydia 6*).


I was doing a War battle and scouted an enemy. They had a 6* Guardian Zeke, and here is where the problem happened. He provided a shield for 6* Blue Dwight, A New Threat and when I attacked him, destroying the shield, the image of the Guardian shield stayed over him, even after I had attacked him. It’s quite benign, but a bug nonetheless.