How to Report Bugs



Howdy! This forum is for the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. You can reach the WWE: Champions team @


Kind of makes me want to post questions about other games that Scopely doesn’t make…


You can solve just about anything by doing Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A in a video game.


if you want some extra game currency. Try typing “klapaucius”


I’ll send that to support.



But can we add colour gems and superstars? That’s the question


Bug report: doing gear hunt easy stage 6 and it shows an S4 team is recommended. Seems like overkill when a B team can best that stage. Started with the last update. Might confuse new plsyers.


Hey, check here, it is just a visual issue that should be resolved pretty soon.


Help! Hilltop Hunt has been missing from my Roadmap for days. Checked with my faction members and sister faction - several of them are having the same problem. I’m on an Android, but I know at least one of them is using an iPad… and is on a different continnent. I don’t believe the event is over, and I know it wasn’t when the update came out, right after which is when I started having the issue…I was still getting splash screens for it. Please help!


The event is over. It ended a couple of days ago, but the egg roadmaps stopped about a day and a half before the end of the event (the museum collections remained until the end of the event), which is why you continued to receive the splash screens.


Mine is still doing that lol


Okay, riddle me this… because I still don’t trust that the roadmaps is working right for me. For two days I haven’t had anything but rare gear and uncommon gear. Is that right?? Because usually you have a daily roadmap of some kind… and yes, I am scrolling over just to be sure it’s not over to the right like the Ascendance medals roadmap was.


Adding screenshots of the rest of my Roadmap, just in case this is a problem… all taken today…



They had no maps up on the weekend so it would have only been the 2 radio ones. And today for some reason the xp map isnt up and the weekly gear map didn’t drop 10 minutes ago like it should.


Okay so it’s not just me. I feel better lol. Thank you!


Regardless though something is up. No maps is an issue. And on weekends there should always be some kind of story map or special map going on.


Help there!

Just want to report this issue.

Player Name: D4NN1
Faction: Fearless Remnants
Region: Barrow [EN]
Device: Android (windows 10 as backup)

Thank you


When did you get that Hershell?


hello sir, i already forgot when. i wasn’t really paying much attention in the museum until recently when i decided to claim a couple of gears to upgrade a toon to t4. then i looked around and noticed about this issue. anyway, thank you for your time.