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Game is glitched at times. It kicks ppl out back to the load screen in territories, raids, stages, wars, everywhere. You lose out on the stuff when you finished whatever you were doing before it kicks. I have even lost out on stuff during pulls. It doesn’t do any good if you message support either, because you get told we can’t do anything about it.


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I have problem with event rewards.
Every time when event ends it show me the rewards that will be send to me. I’m waiting few days but It isn’t send, can you please help me? :disappointed:

Player Name: WhiteDragon
Faction: Tot4l Savag3
Region: Colbert [EN]
Android: Version: 6.0
Platform: lollipop

Ps.Soory for bad English :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Kalishawn,

Since I started play the game , haven’t received any offers . For February event, we supposed to get dead doubloon every login day isn’t it? So far I didn’t get any . Please help me to sort this .

Reagion_ Jeff davis
Faction - dead zombie storage
Device- Android



Same problem with offers ^^
I just never recieved any offers in game since they first came out, they were always broken for me
Player name : Bruc
Region: Forsyth
Device: Htc one m8, android
Not in a faction rn


I’m having problems with receiving my helper rewards. It’s permanently on 5/8 and yes my leader was hired, I got a notification saying he was hired 8 times in the past day yet it still remained on 5/8. I thought I should give it time and it would sort itself it but waiting hasn’t worked, I thought maybe I would have to update my phone, still nothing. Is there any solution?
Player Name - JUSTIN
Faction - Hell’s Nemesis
Region - Jeff Davis
OS device - Apple iPhone iOS 11.2.6


Hey I saw you posted about a bug, did you ever get a reply @Bruc


Call your local exterminator to get rid of the bugs.


Just noticed a couple of bugs in Survival Road, not sure how well known these are:

6 Shiva Claws* - If I ‘autoselect’ a team, and 6* Shiva is chosen, he ends up with my other 5* Shivas claws?
Its solved by removing and reselecting for team, just a bit annoying

Zombies not affected by camouflage - Heres the situation, I have a dead character, and on my next turn active Michonnes AR, giving 2 turns of camouflage. I use green glens revive to bring dead character back… but single zombie attacks him on next turn. this zombie isn’t aways closest to the newly revived toon either, he could be anywhere on the page.
This has happened 3 times on one stage and was quite odd…(and irritating) and one i’ve never come across before while using revive/camouflage

Survival Road Level: 193
Stage: 7

Wilkinson Region


player name:suho game name:d.anderson
device:galaxy j7
os version:android
After receiving the solo level up compensation today, I took out 5 character token. At that time, Losita came out, After few hours, I switched to Xavier. plz check the bug.


Logetita sounds like a cool toon…


the game restarts every time i try to get the free offer hilltop tokens. ive tryed to reinstall the game still the same:(

Player Name: Cyan
Faction: Most Wanted
Region: withfield
Device: samsung S6
OS Version: 7.0


Howdy! Been having trouble this morning with signing on. The app loaded fine this morning, distributed my daily coins and prestige tokens. However, when I try to hit the “CLAIM” button for prestige rewards, nothing happens. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but same thing happens. I opened the app on my Galaxy Tab 3 and it works just fine. Just unable to get past the claim screen on my S8+. Please, any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Brave Shane
Only The Brave
Macon Region
Samsung galaxy S8+


Hi :slight_smile:
I have a Problem with watching the Videos for free coins.
Since 4 days i only get one other Video and then only " Cats Crash Arena" Videos.
After watching " Cats Crash Arena" and Close the Video by click X , i have to restart the App , because it hang -up with the Message " getting Information" and nothing happend.
It Counts for the 30 Videos a day i can watch , but i don’t get the 3 Coins.

Umbrella Corp.
IPhone 7+
IOS 11.2.6


Hi Team,

Bug Detected.

While playing tag team matches, my other team member does not charge up his mobes even if I break his colour gems.
So when a tag is made the second player has no charged level.
Due to this issue I loose the matches as I have to again power up my second superstar.


My User Id is DM2627 and I am using Android device.


Noticed this from the new survival roadmap

My shiva with stun paws stuns the enemy with absolute defense. Some of my toons attack the stunned enemy and abs still procs

@combatdevil @combatman


Would need a video to be able to tell what’s going on.


Tested here, and it worked properly, it could have something else that could lead to that. As @CombatMan said, a video, or maybe even a screenshot would help to see what’s going on there.


Are you playing our game? We don’t have this stuff in our game.