How to Report Bugs




In order to better assist everyone here in troubleshooting and resolving gameplay issues, I wanted to reach out to the community on how we can work together to ensure issues are reported, investigated and resolved as quickly as possible. While not everything will be a quick fix, the more info we can provide engineering the faster we can identify and fix issues. To that end, here are some things to keep in mind when reporting bugs.

Oversharing on Bug Reports:
When reporting issues, please provide as much information as possible on the bug and your account. The more information we have about the state of the game when the bug occurred the better we can track down the issue. At minimum, the following can be incredibly helpful in helping us track down bugs.

Player Name:
OS Version:
What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug?
Does the bug occur every time?
If it occurs every time, what are the steps you take to make the bug occur?

If you are uncomfortable sharing any of this information on an open thread, feel free to create a PM with @kalishane, @kalishawn, and @agrajag as the recipients.

Bugs vs Feedback:
While your feedback is always appreciated, it’s important that we make a distinction between Bugs and Feedback. Bugs are issues that impact the normal functionality of the game and prevent the users from engaging with the game as intended. Feedback is more subjective and relates to how the game itself functions. As an example:

Bug: X should do Y but it does Z.
Feedback: X does Y but I think it should do Z.

Hijacking Bug Threads:
As much as possible, please avoid bringing up new bugs in a thread about a different bug. This makes it very difficult to keep track of the incoming information and causes confusion during the investigation.

Please help me?
What are beta testers good for?
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Hello where,
I just received 3 stars Axel.
This Axel would complete my quest in the Museum for “No country for old man” but it didn’t.
I have Axel in my Roster but not in the Museum.
What is to do in this case?


Почему страшно тормозит прохождения нигана надоело это уже


Beta tester, and about 80% of the time when I hit a territory the dang game will reboot at least once. It happens way too often. Never had this happen in any game I’ve played.

Android user.


пропадают очки дороги жизни. что делать?


Yes, the yellow one.


Same problem here, mostly reboot when open or hit territory and when hit and reboot the terri energy also consumed,lmao.
Android user


That is why I left beta. Many of the problems end up on your live regions. It’s not worth it.


This is standard in games.

Breathe Burt, Breathe! :slight_smile:


I can not build training ground for weapon when i try to build i will be kick out of the game… can you fix this for me???


Yes I’m having issues since the new update. The game keeps shutting down on me. I’ve just lost another 32 world energy after farming. Game threw me out after two efforts on lvl 23.


Posted this in its own thread, but the survival marker depot is not updating daily as it should. Ive had the samr items in my depot for the last few days.

The Pope
Church of Mark
Game version 9.0.5


Did not have any respond :v




How is possible that i can’t convert in Scavenger Camp? Is 2 years that i am waiting. 2 years that i talk with support and nothing happen. Why nobody is not helping me???


You should PM CombatMan or Agrajag or Kalishawn. Or might as well just make a group PM with all 3 of them.


Hi my mission story has been stuck on prison (5) (World map) i dont know how to fix it. I can still play and advance but the story mission wont change. I have reinstalled the game but it didnt help. Sorry for the bad english


Go back and look for the stage that is flashing or blinking. That is where the story stopped. Replay that stage till the story resumes. Then keep replaying the blinking stages for the story.