How to potentially counter bide

I kbow most f2p are struggling but… We do have accsees to 3 toons which are gonna help us
Naya and shiva ( in league store)
Since Bide. Can’t deal store bleed or burn we can use theese 2 f2p burner and bleeder to help us out because shiva is lacerator she works with michelle and assuming the wepon goes off on elle you lacerate with shiva to get 800 bleed
Whibas rush also bleeds and can do low dmg which in a sense is good for us and isn’t going to trigger bide
As for naya slef esplantory burn may not stack but it can still be combined with bleed naya is so good because she will spread the burn so you don’t actually have to atk elle making life easier
… Theese 2 toons Well help you gainst bide but how you use them is up to you


Even cutthroat shiva can be useful against elle, if her ar actually takes her out. Dmg to 1 toon and confuse to others.

Debuff and one shot her works best for me

Gen 1 toon. Dont think its enought damage, maybe if elle is poorly modded.

Bleed / G2 - Bide procs on bar fill based on who fills it, if they have G2 shield on them its an instant block. There are not really any great G2 to take on most attack teams however, Douglas is a niche pick on some blue teams as he has a lot of control.


Bring a retribution II specialist and make sure they get the hit that triggers bide.

There are plenty of counters for Bide and Payback, bleed and burn as you mention, defence down and overkill (bide), multiple low damage attacks (payback), the issue is more that a) they slow you down almost as much as the timeout meta and b) until you make your first attack you most likely don’t know what you will be facing, so unless you get lucky and have an attack team setup that works that’s at least one attack wasted, and - potentially- your camp is burning. Plus it’s not just the abilities but the fact that the toons they are attached to are designed properly to take best advantage (Elle’s T1 pain split active, Guitar man’s attack 5 to pop all guardian shield rush and taunt lock to 4 for example). Most FTP toons are lucky if they do one thing well, so it ends up that you are reconfigure your attack on the fly multiple times per battle, again wasting time while premiere offences are wasting your camp, even then you are still relying on a healthy dose of RNG (Michelle and yellow Shiva’s weapons working etc.). Offensive options that increase speed while retaining broad utility are what is needed (hemorrage is a good example - a reliable, self sustaining, and increasing damage over time that can be combined with a lacerate toon to make a bleed team that one could use as a regular attack team. It’d be even better as part of a rush where RNG isn’t a factor.) A FTP hemmorage attacker to synergise with yellow Shiva would help.


Guardian shields direct counter

GS Rick. In one package you have a GS a reviver, a controller and a bonus hp giver. Granted his attack is trash, but he really helps out an attack team. Whilst I rarely use him, I could easily slip him in in place of Mike or Charlie.

If bide is the only problem just play a revive toon like Erika. Adds extra tankiness aswell.

Guardian rick is an amazing offensive and defensive guardians, all that makes him on defense makes him great on offense. His rush not only helps to clear guardian shields, but gives that nice buffer and CC when you need to stop rushes. The revive active has also salvaged a couple of war battles for me to get that max 240 damage

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Who is the 3rd?

Gen 1 don’t matter
Rts is not Nike shoes you don’t need the absolute newest toons
That logic is how you lose money to this game
Look at negan
Then look at ryan
Ryan on atk can destroy a negan becaua ebide can do dmg and not kill you because it’s counts as a specialist skill
It’s what there kit can do that matters


Martinez for p2p but I only wanted to mention the f2p counters

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This would be a situational team that you would mean knowing your going up against a player that has bide right? So wouldn’t work in war against big teams. I can only see a team like this being of use against a faction where you beat them all but 2 or 3 big guns carrying the faction and you have the time.

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There’s no such thing as a universal team
Ppl are gonna switch it up during war so having multiple teams for multiple scenarios is better then focusing on just making one team and one team only

So you speak about not needing the newest toons and give ryan as example ?!

Try replacing Michelle with someone who actually does something, and use bleed mods. Less RNG, and less danger with the rush (could hit payback or bide toon).

4*110 bleed mods, plus one 250-ish burn mod on Shiva, gives you 880 bleed (1280 if Shiva triggers) plus 250 bleed = 1130 (1530) flat damage, plus whatever you get from attacks, and the flat damage will go through Absolute defense.

You still need Michelle to lead Seinfeld theme plays

In this current state of game play there is but and I wasnt trying to knock you I’m just saying that if I use more than one team how do i know someone has bide or negan til I attack by then against a top faction even mid one camps on fire. So if I can’t use one team for most jobs are you meant to go in blind every run?
This team make ups are just to situational is the point. After you know the team of another player then you can pick snd choose.