How to make players happy for less effort and more profit

Issue: there aren’t enough legacy ascendables. Players are getting annoyed that their 5 stars are collecting dust.

Issue: some players already have the 5 star versions of potential future legacy ascendables, and will feel less motivated to try to obtain them.

Issue: it takes scopely more effort to make a new 5 star character and it’s accompanying 6 star form than to just make the 6 star form for an existing 5 star.

Issue: scopely needs to monetize every new feature or event in order to remain a viable company.

Fact: players tend to prefer legacy ascendables to new non-legacy freemium toons of equal strength.

Fact: scopely often puts new, freemium ascendables as monthly login event rewards or other event rewards (green Abraham, solange, yellow Javier).

Fact: it takes scopely very little effort to create crates and new museum collections.

Solution to issues part 1: stop making new freemium toons for daily login events. Instead, make legacy ascendables.

Solution to issues part 2: since some players already have legacy ascendable 5 stars, add two additional museum collections when these daily login events occur: one that requires and consumes all the daily login items, and also requires the unascended version of the legacy ascendable 5 star, but does not consume that 5 star. The other collection also requires and consumes the daily login items, but requires yet does not consume the ascended version of the legacy ascendable.

Solution to issues part 3: as for the rewards to these two additional museum collections, both collections have the same reward: a crate with two or more freemium ascendable 5 star toons, all with the same chance of being pulled. This motivates players who already have that month’s legacy ascendable to still participate, as they get an equal reward that they may not have.

Solution to issues part 4: Additionally, players who spend extra on offers to get more of that month’s collection item can put those extra items to good use by potentially obtaining an additional random toon after getting that month’s legacy toon, which in turn gives scopely more opportunities to monetize. Everyone goes home happy, scopely exerts less effort and resources and makes more money. It’s a win-win situation.

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