How to make me unsub from SC. Who designed that

Well I went from mid-spender to sc-only and now going f2p you can shove that cake you know where :wink:


Congrats on joining the f2p army! @Parker how long till we get this person a f2p pass?

There should definently be a hard limit for how low the cake pulls can go. Been pulling them a lot with my sc pulls and sometimes the amount is so sad like 3 cakes. Wth I waited a day for that disappointment

Ah, well, it’s murky legal territory if you’re an ex-spender…


We used to give F2P passes easy out like that, but then we caught an ex-spender in the F2P lounge buying $1 offers while drunk saying ‘I find this much on the street’. It was a disaster, and brought the entire legitimacy of the movement under question


I can stop spending whenever I want

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