How to make basic tokens much better


Take all the 1* toons out and replace with a crate containing one shirt and gloves. Would make basic tokens worth turning in again


Basic tokens are complete trash now. Drop rates of 2* toons seem to be drastically reduced. Used to be a good way to boost a level up score. Replacing 1* characters and weapons with gloves and shirts would be one way of making them more useful again.


One star weapons I’m with you I will say though I do use the one star characters as a cheap way to ar level :stuck_out_tongue: it’s always nice if you manage to max a 5’s ar before you t2 it


Plenty of 1* toons to pick up while farming world stages. You can still train 1* toons too


It is kind of annoying to open basic tokens because of 1 stars, i just have to spend time selling them for 50 food each to clear my roster, the 1 star weapons are the same. Takes me time to dissasemble them just so my weapons don’t fill up with spam junk


Havent opened basic tokens since they changed the drop rate to utter bs 1* weapons and toons 95% of an open. Its pretty pointless now.


I find the one star weapons drop 2/3 of the time wish there was a long press option for selling them for food


They need to revert it back to pre-ascendance status, especially with these ridiculously high milestones we have. It was really helpful for level ups and a quick way to get level up fodder in addition to training them in the tgs. An average 10 pull of basic tokens used to give out more 2* chars, compared to the 1* toons and 1* weapons it gives out now. It’s not even worth effort in cashing them in.


I think most of us have 100’s if not 1000’s stored up and unclaimed as they are worthless.

A revamp of their contents would be fabulous. Shirts and gloves! More food! Trainers!


I think this will be a ignored subject but it would be nice. Basic tokens are just annoying basically, no reason to use them other then wasting your time.GIFs20171177023