How to make a koa defense team without Carl


Him as lead with koa shiva and neut gov what should the last slot be


those teams are going to be crushed by miraboobs attack teams with neutralizers lol


Probably but I don’t have good leaders to go with koa besides Vincent


Green garett isnt a good def lead imo. 40% bonus hp isnt as good on def as 40% def. Yes u get a huge bonus when taking dmg, but every good player knows how to play around that. Though on the plus side u do get to run 100% stun weapons.

Though if u r content with playing G/R, add erika.

Imo the ideal team would be.
Green Garett, erika, Andrea/Clem, violet, and Glenn.
(Usually dont use shields with huge bonus when taking dmg, as enough damage can trigger their rush)


Heres a tip on how to use ap on def… make sure if ur gunna use ap on def that u have no extra def on ur toons u want to benifit most from defending AP… ap on def is based purely on how much dmg u take. So if ur def is high … ur gunna get trash for ap… but if ur def is low and u jacked hp a… ull get max beifit of AP on def…



Going to change the topic to how to make a koa team without Carl or Dante


Who do u have for a lead?


How can he be lead?


kid carl lead. koa. bichonne x2. command. throw defensive impair with atleast vl atk on carl. ap down on koa. leave biches with confuse but make sure they have atleast vl atk. command could be whatever. biches or carl will fire off r2 when commanded on def.


Eugene lead, koa, Michonne, ty, glen


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