How to level up

What is the fastest way to get to level 150? Once you complete the World map it seems the only way to get XP is through Survival Tournament?

xp road map

Grab both exp territories and spam exp roadmap.


Also, raid missions (under missions/story missions) are an excellent way to get huge chunks of XP once you’re past level 100. Be sure to get both xp territories before you collect those raid missions, too. The raid missions are level-locked, so check back for them (for example, the last set of raid missions becomes available after you hit level 140 or 145 - I’m forgetting when exactly they pop).

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SR is a great source of xp too. The tournament one not the daily

Helpful as always, thank you!


Helpful as always, thank you!

Yeah the xp road map is great same with the raid missions. My favorite was Sr events Tho, once you finish the road you can go back to elite stage 25 and use tokens to speed through your energy and get the same xp as you get for legendary stage 25. Just make sure to grab the exp territories to make it worth more

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