How to kill resilent walker

Do u guys hv good zombie team to pass sr with resilent walker? I can pass by using 5*og michone n gator camo rush but it took me almost 5 mins to kill one.

If anyone hv good team , please help to share we all need it. :slight_smile:

not seen one but sure toons with this skill can get around it

hit zombie next to it dies should move to said zombie

If you use a crit leader. And have 1 or 2 toons with a crit bonus ar, I find i can add a toon with high atk and use an atk weapon instead of a crit. Defense down helps too. I use Connor gator Michelle ( the stun helps with the extra atk after death too) Javier and ezekiel

Also if there’s more than 1 I try to kill the other walkers around so that there’s a better chance Michelle will hit the relentless or those taunt guys

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