How to keep our 5* worth it with the new generation of 6*


Hello I have a suggestion since most 5* are seen to being less useful now. We need our players to be motivated and to feel great. I got this idea I don’t know if you guys can make it happen but I’m just going to share the details:
1- every 45 ar character make it 66( to keep the game balance and more strategic)
2- give us the option of having 1200 pts for example. With this we could have the option to upgrade our characters (5*) and keep them in line with the competition. For instance: Eugene road to survival #1 has 848 attk, 844 def and 1194 hp maxed. From the 1200 points I could use 800 to increase his attack and 400 to increase his defense. Results? He would have 1644 atk, 1244 def and 1194 hp. He will still be useful to compete against the new generations of 6*.

Please let me know what you guys think about this idea :slight_smile:


Sorry but its a silly idea, but with good intentions
Changing every ar will destroy the viabilty of most toons, especially in place like survival road, i have a constant crit using darlene at 56 ar, if she goes to 66 that no longer works, and toons like andrea who were one shot queens will not have the stats to be able to rush anymore at 66 as she is weak even id there buffed as shed have to wait till at least turn 3 to go thats without touching on the healers and buffers.

The simplest option is to re lower he 6* back to pre buff level and then at least the viabilty comes back to these characters


Exactly. I’m just trying to see how we could make our 5* useful while they are releasing their 6* versions of them. I thought about lowering the 6* stats too. But seems like they want to keep it that way. So I give the option to increase our 5* a little bit at least.