How to improve the princess weapon

What do you think should be improved in this spear? Thanks.

Top slot buff defence to +35%.
Second slot huge bonus attacking.
Bottom slot ap down (Personal preference).

She’s a tank so you need to keep her alive asap. I put 35 def, about to put more hp, and I’ll keep the bleed for now. Then put def and attack mods, and stun resist on her.

I agree with Salazar,

  1. Upgrade the first slot to 35% defense for her to stay alive longer

  2. The second slot should be a huge bonus to AP when attacking, so her taunt procs faster

  3. I would replace the third slot with AP down. Since bleed and burn are becoming more of the meta nowadays, expect toons to start wielding some bleed resist mods. Also 600 bleed damage can easily be recovered, so AP down would be more of an annoyance.

Mods: I would personally give her a Defense and HP set mod, with either a defensive or HP set. Stun Resist, impair resist, or both would work nicely. Defense against Alert in the top right slot, and really whatever you want in the lower left. She doesn’t really have a part of her that you need a mod to enhance or support.

Good luck


Why not keep the bleed and put ap drain in the left corner mod slot? Put bleed damage on a few other of your toons because bleed stacks unlike fire.

Then try for huge ap on attack and pump the def up to 40% if Earl decides to play ball.


I like this idea. I picked her up and was thinking of a set up like this.

Greens don’t have ap on attack or damage.

She’s a pure defensive toon theirs no point of keeping bleed when you can stick ap down on her to slow enemy’s down from rushing and trust me that’s the only way to kill her. +35% def is just right for her. Huge bonus attacking will utilise her taunt rush perfectly.

Which special gives you bonus attack for her taunt?

He’s talking about the mod.

:roll_eyes: Talking about the weapon obviously. 40% att, a huge bonus to ap when attacking, and keep the bleed.

You can equip anyone with an ap drain mod. This way you save a weapon pip, keep the bleed, and still get a shot at draining ap when attacking. When you use toons like yellow shiva and perhaps the new Knox that bleed damage will stack. Most people don’t equip bleed resist mods over stun and impair ones. Same can be said about taunt resist.

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Ap drain mods are on atk not defense. But I agree keep the bleed and go huge ap and +40 ap down is meh anyway

I keep hearing this but I’m not sure how it’s meh. I’ve got ap down on most of my best greens and they do a perfect job of stalling the enemy from rushing. I’ve been able to survive whole war matches with these ap down weapons. Just a personal take on the meh thing as I find it incredibly useful.

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Would have to dig up my 29k war match lasted the whole match nobody could defeat me. My ap down weapons worked flawlessly. Dante lead. Bonus hp and huge ar attacked.

Can you show us on of those weapons please?

If it works for u that’s great… but if u have hard enough hitting reds ap down isn’t a big concern. It’s still the worst of the 4 major def mainstays. (Stun, impair, ab0, ap down) not necessarily in that order

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Yeah ap down is just atrocious look at that pretty much evidence not to go for it.

Absolutely I’ll dig up some of the those weapons to show you. Also keep in mind I’m not in a top faction though but we are still good.

So you score high in one battle against a mid tier opponent and that negates it being the least effective of the major weapon stats? As I said if it works for you great but in the case of princess ap down isn’t appreciably better than her bleed so the smarter play is to go for +40 and leave the bleed.


I would go as far as to say that doesn’t show any benefit of ap down whatsoever, scoring fast has nothing to do with defending, my defence sucks ass but I’m quicker than most, i’ll gladly coin knowing I can outscore the opposition.

AP down is by no means useless but I would agree getting rid of bleed seems counter-intuitive, i think some are too quick to change these “new” specialist weapons to the tried and true, several Hollie’s with impair out there for example when the bonus HP is probably more useful in current meta.

Personally I’d rank the traditional specials as AD, Stun , Impair, Ap down

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