How to improve raids


Add a replay button to enemy raids against you itll help a lot with what we need to improve on and what teams are beating us the most.


Nah, that’s what friendly raids are for. I don’t want people knowing my teams and there is No need to load up the game with replays


My faction doesnt have Lydia’s and Erica’s even if I cant see their strategy… every other game has a replay option


Even if I defend something I want to see what worked and what didnt who did they target first and so forth… your faction isnt everything theres a lot more players with different teams


A replay option may sound cool but that is a waste of server resources and Scopely is not gonna invest in that. Their servers are already slow as it is.


This isnt good enough


Meh. Even if this was a good idea, it would be at the very bottom of an incredibly long list of fixes and improvements actually needed.


It doesn’t change the fact that they are not going to give full replays to protect our rosters. I don’t want everyone seeing my attack team every time I raid or war. And Tbh most people don’t even look at raid results because defending is a joke I’d say 90% of raids are won by attacking teams


No, clearly you need more 5 stars on your team because you keep loosing


Nope I keep winning atm 1st place going into plat 4


We can already see the exact team used every time we lose in raids. That’s pretty much the only piece of information we get too.

It’s also not like it’s a secret what the best attack teams in the game look like.


Even if we can’t get a full replay, I would love to get a results breakdown like Friendly Duels, so I can get an idea of how well my each character on my team did. Right now when I make changes to my defense team, it’s quite difficult to tell if it actually made an improvement or not.


This is the exact thing that won’t happen in raids. Yes you can see the team that raided you but the breakdown is what makes the difference. This is info that you don’t want your opponent to see, this is why war has such good competition because you can’t study a team breakdown.

So then you shouldn’t need a detailed breakdown of the team that attacked you because you should already prepare for the worst


When you get to diamond then we can talk in the line chat
plat 4 :roll_eyes:


Not sure what being in platinum 4 has to do with anything you’ve stated thus far.


well i was replying to your lovers comment not yours so catch up buddy you missed a few


I’ve been here reading, can’t say the same for you if you change the subject like that.


Full time student and work 20 hours in the weekend sorry busy life :slight_smile:


@RedReaper this is the garbage i was replying to, plat 4 is nothing to brag about lmao, but you needed to know soooo badly


Not exactly bragging. You said “You keep loosing” and he stated that you are wrong since he’s 1st place in his league. Then you made fun of him being in Platinum 4.