How to i mod my Harper's weapon?

I was wondering how to mod my Harper’s weapon. She is my only Disarm character right now, so i was thinking about just buffing her crit and maybe her defense as well. I might not get Earl so that is why i was thinking about just only upgrading her crit. This is my first time using the forums, please tell me if i did anything wrong with this post so i know in the future.

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slot 2 - huge bonus on attack
slot 1 - 35% crit


im doing more atk and def no need ap cuz im running on atk with ap leader

Ok, the only problem i see with that is Harper has really low defense, so the 30% defense would make her not die all the time, but i will probably do it. my best idea was more crit so thank you or the suggestion.

Ok, that is sorta what i was thinking, also did you replace her crit with more crit? or just inproved it? I’m sorta new so i don’t really know how mods work that well.

Replace with max crit rather than upgrade the crit otherwise you won’t get as high.
Also it’s worth noting to only craft when your faction has both territories that improve critical crafting chances and to use the appropriate items to increase critical crafting chances.

Yep all the crit I can get… no worries for her to die fast my atk has a shield :grin:

Ok, thank you for the tips.

definitely go for huge on ap and as high as crit as possible. that -50 atk and def to all is no joke

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I’d go for huge ap first until I get it then add as much crit as you can

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I probably should have mentioned that i don’t have a leader for her, sorry for not mentioning that earlier. She will die really quick without the defense so that’s what i’m debating about not giving her huge ap.

Better to go with ap and then use def set mods and a def mod… graze if you need more and a crit mod… def vs green

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do you have a guardian?

No. I got Mia who i just revive everyone with.

Only one option here and that’s 35 crit and huge on attack

Lol if your lucky you get thst. ap is the main one

For avoidance of doubt… I did it like this

Slot 3 8% so
Slot 2 huge ap
Slot 1 30% crit

This is mine

Lots of options, depending on how you want to use her. My 2 are modded like this:

30 crit
Huge ap

30 crit
Huge AP
35% Bonus Attack

I don’t use either right now but they had their uses. 8% was good in an all yellow team. 35% bonus attack was great at taking out toons turn 1, like a command or a Negan

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