How to go back to my account

I tried to link my account with Facebook. However there was already an old account associated with it. It took the place of my game. How can I go back?

Your account would have switched over to the device that had the other account. Goto the other device to access that account and switch it back over when you’re on that device.

I am not sure to understand what you mean… my old account was from a few years ago and I was playing on this game for a while now. You think that my currant game is on my old phone?

Your going to need your account code and your last purchase receipt (if you have it)

I have them and I guess I need to send a mail to someone with those in after?

What happens when you load a FB linked account to a new device is the current device’s account will then swap with where the FB linked account resided.

Go to support on the game and tell them to load your correct game. Provide them region, name, faction, level, account code and send them a copy of your last purchase. Might take a day for them to respond but they can load that game. When you get it back, link it to a different Facebook account.

Ok I will try! Thanks