How to get to PLAYER COUNCIL

I ask you to tell me how to get on the advice of the players, to offer my ideas for the game

When you open the game, you might get a pop-up with Governor. Click on it.

You see, I’ve half-filled and accidentally left, I’m going over and writes that I sent it completely, what should I do now? (

The question is: why get to pc lol

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what? I wrote a request on the phone

It’s not worth your time to be apart of it they dont listen to the pc anyway


Just try and do something in game and it’ll disrupt whatever it was you were doing

They said that they would be running a second round of the surveys. Remember what player level you are, be willing to share your name and e-mail


Wouldn’t hurt to keep your in-game account code too (I think the first survey asked for it, though the blog announcing a 2nd pass survey didn’t specify this any more)

Ok i’ll take that into account

Doesn’t need account code for the second survey, I filled it earlier

Yes, I noticed it too, and it’s weird …