How to get Siddiq 5 * blue


With which characters are more likely to come out Siddiq 5 * blue?. I’ve heard of a list of the characters that are most likely to come out and I do not know if it will be true. Please help.


I don’t understand your question completely? Do you mean where do you get Blue Siddiq?
He’s in:
-Ascendance when ascending a blue 4 star


I mean with which character 4 * is more likely to come out certain specific characters? I’ve heard of a list of 4 * characters with which there are more chances of Siddiq 5 *


Which 4* character you use has no effect on the outcome


No, they’re all equal odds, I used Dexter and got blue siddiq, it was my first try as well!


That’s 100% false


I got mine from prestige pull but I believe you can get him from ascendancy as someone ascended Thompson and got him


Any tough 4* has an equal chance of producing Siddiq


Or so we would logically assume and hope.


I used Shane and several other toons and repeatedly used the same 4* to try and get siddiq took about 8 turns but came out with Gregory, tryed for a second with Gregory and got nada so I believe it’s just totally random


It’s back to their classic RNG formulas:
One ascended 4* turns into …
a. 96% — 5*
b. 4% (1:25) — 5* Ascendable

Then… from the ascendable pool… if you have 2 options… it’s a 50:50 odds.
Meaning, you have a 2% chance of getting Siddiq. (and likely a boatload of Jasons or Omids)

** Those #s are pulled out of my ass… but the ballparks feel about right from my experience**


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