How to get my account back?

hello guys im tryin to make my account back becouse my phone is broken.
I instelled game on new device and im asking support for help, i got ansewar to send them inforamtions about account, recip form paymaent etc. But when im sendig respond mail just dissapear.
Help please… I didnt see my account for 6 days now :frowning:

Did you link with Facebook a lot of people that quit playing made that mistake if you did you get game back to were you left off in about 10-15 mins. If not have to send a message to scopley I hope you have your account code if not your pretty screwed


Or you need a receipt that you spent money


i cant remember if im connected withz FB, but it didnt worked this way… i did sent receip from my bank account. I got reply that it has to be from my apple id, and i recived a link wich i followed. I did send receip from my apple account …another reply -
,Im sorry for back and forth but would you mind providing us another purchase reciept so we could proceed?,
i sent another one… and im still waiting… i didnt see my account for 10 days now… :frowning:

Is that a receipt from email purchasing something through game

If you have an email with a receipt from in game purchase that will work

Sounds like they are going to hold your account hostage. I hope they assist you with getting your account back. Keep us updated on what happens. I wonder if you gave them your account code if they would be able to fix it within minutes, but you probably don’t have your account code. Write it down for future reference if you ever get back into your account, and everyone else should do so too in case you run into this problem in the future.

Customer support is the worst. I gave them my account code and they asked for a receipt. I took a picture of a receipt but they also told me it’s invalid. I’m F2P and the only receipt I have was from almost 2 years ago. They need a better way to recover accounts, the fact that you can’t link it to an iOS or Google account is laughable.

I would of told them NO, and that my account code is sufficient enough. Would have asked to speak to a supervisor. Would have reached out to justabox to make a video on the fuckery. Would be contacting Scopely by Email and postal mail. Would have contacted my local news publishing outlets to run a story on it. I would be blowing it out of proportion and making a huge deal out of it.

I have been f2p always and haven’t spent a penny on this game. If this happened to me where I wasn’t able to gain access to my account and was told the only way to get it back was by showing them a receipt of an in-app purchase, then they would be getting a lot of heat from me and wouldn’t hear the end of it until they got my account back for me.

That is why I checked with kalishane first, I asked her if I deleted my facebook would I still be able to log into the game, and she told me to keep my facebook even if I don’t use it much because of the facebook login problem, and trust me, for a lot of people logging in with facebook is a problem. I would like it better if we could log in with our account code and password instead of facebook/google account. I thought we can link the game to a google account though, I thought that is what this is. Left circle is google account, right circle is facebook account.

It was subtle way to tell you pay or quit. Can’t wait for problem with my acc, cs will show me windaloop.

The Google sign in/out doesn’t do anything. It’s just a clickable that makes you feel like you are signed in. The main one is the FB account, if you forgot your FB log in (used an old FB or etc) then your account is lost. It makes it even harder when switching OS (Android to iOS or vice versa).

Kind of a s*** company to ask for receipts to prove its your account, another way of saying “if you are not paying we don’t care about you.”

I saw a post by Kalishane that stated even with an account code they cannot prove its yours. Heck I even took a screenshot of my entire team, account code, and etc. But support won’t help me unless I’ve been paying.

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not true because i have had success using it when im out at my uncles and using his device to play the game…i got into my account just by using google, no facebook involved. i went to the play store and downloaded the game on his phone and then logged in just using google and it said are you sure you want to switch your account to this device or some bs and it worked.

Also, the bs lines you are being fed about showing a screenshot of a receipt or any crap like that wouldn’t fly with me because I would be doing everything I mentioned about. I have my account code written down and I better never have the same problem or I will be relentless and a pain in the ass making them do their job getting me my account back.

What the hell would I be doing with an account code for an account that isn’t even mine? They are only doing that to battle people selling their accounts to others and don’t want to get you your account back using an account code in fear that you bought someone else’s account.

I got another msg this morning

, Thanks for writing back,

Im happy to help. However, we re haveing trouble veryfying your account. Would you mind sending us another purshe receipt?
Will keep an eye out for your respond ,

they have alreday 4 of them from me. Including oryginal one from my bank account… i dont know what i can give them more…im not f2p player and im really angry i missed 10 days of game already. :triumph:

Well that is call scopelied. Did they say purshe receipt in original msg?

they receipt.

Same thing here, the Customer Support guy tried to threaten me in a nice way, telling me to send a valid receipt or there is nothing they can do. Also to keep surviving.

i got another 2…

, thanks for your redponse. I can see that you want to retrieve your progress on your device.
We ve double all the details that you ve provided, unfortunately, we are unable to verify your account. In order for us to futher sssist you with this, kindly provide us another copy of zour reciept. Once we have that, we are more that happy take another look for you,


i did again, and get another reply

, Thank you for contacting us.

Ijust checked the screenchots of your reciepts that you sent and none of matches details on the account that you are trying to recover. Unless you can provide a receipt that can actually match the details on the account, wewont be able to proceed with the account transfer.

i hope for your understanding on this matter. ,

seriously??? i wont get my account back? Scoopley can yopu plaese be so kind and give me back my account Ive been paying for last 2 yeras??

Well don’t expect much after this, obviously their base of receipts is kind of small/fresh, so they can’t and won’t go deeper. Thing is it is obvious that there will be problem like this but they accepted someone’s back will break in the process (those that stopped spending), Silence always mean they are approving it.

They keep bullshitting you and giving you the run around. Ask to speak to a supervisor or someone that can actually do something about it since they always seem to not be able to do anything about it. I would have been ticked off at that point, not give them anymore receipts, contacted google play and got a refund for everything I ever spent in the game. There is more you can do about this, take extreme steps if you have to. I don’t want to say anything else on the matter because this is upsetting and I am not even experiencing this issue. I’m kind of upset that none of the people on the list of the developer tracker bothered to try to assist you and help you through this either, and it has been 5 days.