How to get more people to use ascension? Gear Supply?


Give us the Gear in Abundance! Not in drips!
Give us Lots of Flak Jackets and Beanies every week. 5 of each minimum!
We need to be able to ascend many 4* characters into 5* characters. We will use these ascended 5* characters as the fodder to ascend our desired 5* into 6*. We also need Flak jackets and Beanies to max out said desired 5* that is to be ascended into a 6*!!!

I currently have:
1 gps 1 canteen
2 hank crank radios 2 military watches
2 army walkie talkies 11 school bags
0 Flak Jackets 3 wool Beanies

As you can see I’m cut off at the beginning and cannot max out a 4*, therefore cant max out a 5*, therefore cant ascend any 6*s!

Simple: gift us 5 pairs of flaks and Beanies each week.
Complex: utilise the gold radios. Make the elite gear map the gold radio map and run it 24/7. Give us a minimum of 5 gold radios each week. This Gold radio map will work just the same as the bronze and silver radio maps and Flaks, Beanies will all be farmable in this Gold Radio Map!

This will boost the ability to utilise the ascension update!

Because let’s face it, why should I buy a premier recruit that I don’t have the gear to max out to ascend to a 6* and I don’t have enough 5*s to use as the fodder. By the time I get this gear, that premier recruit will be out dated by the next ascendable premier recruit!


The gold radio is an excellent idea, but we shall see if Scopely will ever implement it :neutral_face:


Gimme gimme gimme. The old school players grinded for months to get needed gear to level the toons on their roster. It was necessary to think about which toon you were going to T4 first, which toon benefits me the most at this time. Scopely cannot hand out all gear for free or we are right back where we were before ascension. Although a legendary gear map would be nice so some of us could T4 at least 1 6*


I don’t think you’ve understood fully. I’m asking for more elite gear, Flak Jackets and Beanies. 3* gear should be way more common than it is. Not having Flaks and beenies at this point in the game does not make sense.
Having to wait for an elite gear map to pop up sporadically then having to try grind out extra Flak Jackets and Beanies to drop by repeatedly farming stages is just a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. What play a game to do that, I’d rather play to compete in the tournaments.


@Siddiqs_Boss Exactly. I am a day one player who has been grinding forever. Hell I didn’t even get my first 5* until almost a year in! Instead of “give us” how about “give us a chance to earn” them by participating in harder road maps/gear events etc… Gold radios are a great idea @Alex in how to have a chance to obtain these.


All the day 1 players grinded gear maps to get where they are. The excitement of getting that beanie, flak, bag or walkie drop is part of the game. As for 3* gear run the silver radio daily maps. Plenty of 3* gear in there


I hear what you are saying, I too am a day one player. But the emphasis of the game should be the Tournaments! Not having to spend lots of time trying to obtain gear, it’s like FarmVille right now. Farm this map, farm that map, right now we are farming screw drivers :woman_shrugging::sleeping:


Flaks and Beanies ARE 3* gear! And they are NOT available in silver radios!


Oh boy…:expressionless:


Better way to level toons and more gear.

Pace should be to get 1-2 4s maxed per week and ability to keep leveling our 6s to max them.

Current rate is 1 4s per week or work on your 6s. This is slow especially since it takes 8 5s to upgrade.

Guess what, when there is a long queue of toons i need to ascend, I’m not spending on the lastesst even if there is a chance it will start as a 6s.