How to get mission bricks and mortar? (60k mission xp)

I need this mission, help?

I need ygl to stop disappearing for a week at a time, help!

Start other scav missions and then abort until ygl appears…


YGL has been ignored for way too long… with three level ups a week, it’s the biggest determining factor in these. Seriously needs attention @JB.Scopely

I do that, camps are level 10, etc everything i can do on my part is done but ygl is random, ive had it show 4 or 5 times in a level up and ive had it not show for a week and a half

All scav camps need to be at level 16. This keeps gold missions from clogging up rotation. As soon as I tore down my level 20s and rebuilt to only level 16 it popped up and it comes around decently along with my 100k.

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weird cause I see 60k mission once every two to 3 months I get ygl around once every level up


There is a pattern for those to appear. Ygl is easier cause it has 12h cooldown while 60K mission has 24h cooldown.
Sorry i can’t explain it here for obvious reasons but its a bit complicated too.
You miss the pattern once and it will take about a week to show up again, unless you really got lucky !!!

Never let ygl timeout this will make it less likely to appear in future it gets harder to find the higher ur scav level is gets harder at lvl9 lvl 13 and lvl 17.(goes on the highest level scavenger camp)

I have mine at 9 I had in 8 times when I won levelup the other day but I coined it alot

Abort missions in this order prestige missions first then blue character emblem then red character emblem then materials emblem.

Don’t complete any other scavenger missions every one you complete makes ygl less likely to appear

And have some luck lol