How to get coins easily

Just start a new game, and complete everything. You get coins from completing story missions for the first time. Hopefully by the end you pull something decent.

There is a much easier method. Tap the little “+” next to your coin total, choose a coin amount you want and pay for it. Voila! Easy coins.


Excuse me while I go throw up, brb


He said “easily”, he didn’t say “freely” or “without putting money in the pancake fund”

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You don’t get coins from the world map missions if you have already completed them on another account. Well, to me it is that way.


Fake news

Watch vids for coins



Same here. I’ve tried to play in another region just looking for that coin missions over the world map. You win the weapons, items, XP, but not the coins.

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What about new levels?

The easiest way to get coins is through 3rd parties like Tapjoy or Google Rewards. For example in Tapjoy, there is an offer for like 3,000 coins by getting to 50k power in World War Rising. In Google Rewards, you just answer survey questions that are usually based on stores you’ve recently been to. I’m currently at $8 and have gotten $80 in last 3 years, it doesn’t sound like much but it’s not bad when the survey takes me literally 3 seconds and I was going to Home Depot anyways.

Coins through videos are nice I guess, but the effort makes it not worth it to me.

LOL tapjoy. That’s another headache. Scandalous

Tapjoy surveys are fun. They never end, ever.

Thought there was a limit

Yeah Tapjoy customer service sucks, but out all the offers I did, they only refused to pay me once while I’ve gotten probably > 20k coins.

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They probably owe me 20k lol



I wish I knew how the hell people get those offers…


depends on which country/region/continent/state/city you live. Went to USA once, to Miami and my Tapjoy rewards went from the endless 10 coins to 3000 coins for the first time on my life. Sadly, didn’t had the time to complete the mission and came back. Now I’m lucky if I get a 30 coins mission from tapjoy.

That would actually explain it or perhaps that was a coincidence?!

I’m working on a 6.6k offer atm.