How to get anniversary tokens from territories?


I waa recolecting territories rewards and i saw that i recollected a few of the anniversary token but i dont see any territory that says it gives you that reward, can somebody tell me how did i get that or wich territories are the ones with that reward?


There arent any, you must have it confused with elite tokens or 5* tokens. The only time it would be in territories is if they open up limited time territories in which the top factions would have it stacked high.


I didnt confuse them, i have never opened my rewards, and i got almost like 40 anniversary tokens, so i was able to do a pull, i didnt imagine that, but i supposed those are just in limited time territories or something like that


No territories so far gave them out. And I doubt they will tbh. They came from somewhere else.


So far no territory event is planed according to calender. @JB.Scopely maybe something to bring to the team :wink:


Well i was colleting my territory rewards and at the moment when i opened a few i received trainers and anniversary tokens thats for sure, maybe someone at scopely can give some light at this


It may of been from a previous event?


Definitely no territory event has been done since the tokens have been made.


You sure you aren’t confusing territories rewards with museum rewards? Getting trainers and anniversary tokens sounds a lot like the outcome from the cake collections…


Same thing happened to me but with these tokens


Anniversary tokens dont give trainers. So not sure what you got but definitely wasn’t anniversary tokens.


This happened to me there was 3 territories with uncollected crates and I collected them and then said wth why did I get these purple 5* tokens and next thing I knew I had 60 of em

If you don’t believe this can happen you just hating


Because the tokens were given out in territories events in the past and you are just the kind of sadomasochistic who doesn’t collect his territories rewards for months on end?


Is this an old SS cuz lucky tokens were converted to sd points weeks ago…


But if you dont collect them from territory then how can be turned into SD points… :slight_smile:


I havent collect them since the first days territories appeared it just seemed to little rewards for the effort, i was openning the territories rewards and without getting out of that screen those anniversary tokens with trainner appear several times as i opened, those were anniversary rewards as i opened and got a stupid kal, being that before i was near 40 or 50 tokens


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