How to get 4k attak?



mira lead, attack mod, weapon, etc


These stats now account for leaderskills, mods and weapons. Look at the stats of your own team, they should be significantly higher than before the update landed.


2500 x 1.4 x 1.3 = 4,550

(edit: wrong way of calculating, see below)


Wanderer Base stat is 2,035

Add 40% for leader, 35% for weapon and you have 3846

Mod gives 515 attack so total would be 4361


Fixed it:

But also, the mod isn’t impact by the weapons/leader.

So its (Base x Leader x Weapon) + Mod


interesting… i’ve never heard that before.
it doesnt list that on the mod descriptions… did a dev say something?


Yes, before they all got stopped talking to us by Scopely because of Michonnegate


2500 x 1.4 x 1.3 = 4,550
is actually:
(2000 x 1.4 x 1.3) + 500 = 4,140

thats a 10% drop


I think you broke math.

LOL. Cheers


but also correct


The mods are added on the end per combat devils inputs. It’s weird because it looks like they are base Stat increases on the roster screen.

Note I’ve never spent the energy to validate it. He’s a pretty cool fella so why would he steer us wrong.


My Mirabelle has 3594 attack boost when she is lead, no attack boost from weapons and she has both attack up mod, and an attack set.

Remove 500 from the attack mod and 600 from an attack set is 2494

She is lead so 40% attack boost is 1781

Mirabelle’s base attack stat is 1782 (we can excuse the rounding error).

So, as suggested:

(1782 x 1.4) + 500 + 600 = 3594

FYI - Mods are added AFTER multipliers

Very counter intuitive… (towers, etc… ?!?) not sure how many people know that…
Sounds like a 11th hour fix after people realized 4.5k stats are bad, mmmkay.


11th hour fix coming in May when mods were launched?


OH boy towers I’m gonna guess are like lead skill gains. But could be very wrong.

@Kanaima any input. You got this all under control.

This is why the 6s Era is so Stat sensitive to run away situations. Too much happening everywhere.


I have 5 minutes, damnit!


Honestly not sure about towers, I would presume it is the same as weapons and leader buffs tho


think of the calculations for one hit. (territories, towers, mods, ARs, leader, camp leader, etc etc.)
now multiply it by all attacks happening at once. no kidding territories are messed (particularly during war)


correct me if im wrong but i thought territories didnt affect war?