How to fix your YGL

Heres a video on how to fix your ygl if you havnt seen in a while (weeks or months)

2 days… just wait :man_shrugging:

Have you tried actually completing most missions instead of just cancelling them? You know, play the game etc.

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They can’t fix that part. JB even admitted they are incapable of handling that piece of tech. So it is what it is. Lord forbid they take it down & redo it whatever it is that is in place now that they cant change. Im guessing the person who installed that was really smart & quit the company. As far as where he said that im not sure if it was on forums or diamond chat. It was recently asked though.


I had to cancel my last one cause it had my defense team toons before war didnt start the one after until monday

Nvm i managed to find a youtube video to help fix the problem thanks anyways

Why do you need the thread deleted and why do you change the opening post?

Why not be a productive member of the community and post a link to the video that helped you so, when someone searches the threads for this topic, they can see your resolution?


Oh yeah true

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Thanks for the idea

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