How to fix territories

Three days ago our server had a huge clean-up operation of territories; several factions worked together to clear every single one of walkered territories and the map looked so pretty. Not a single speck of white. This is the state of our territories this morning.

It’s just a few selfish individuals from known factions ruining it for everyone, but my understanding is that this is pretty standard across servers. Several suggestions have been made as to how Scopely can improve this for everyone, including giving tickets for walkers (which defeats the points of player vs player league points) and making it free to attack walker territories (a good idea). Another idea I would like to suggest, as we all know Scopely doesn’t like giving us anything free, is to make it more appealing to capture walkered territories. Scopely should improve rewards for holding territories. 6 elite tokens for holding a territory for an hour is very little. Make it 100 per hour and people would be wanting to hold as many as possible. Give out trainers or raid cans for successfully holding a territory for a certain period of time (day 4 hours). The list of relatively small items that would make it worthwhile for us to kill walkers is long. But please, for the love of God, do something to resolve this Scopely.

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u need to think of ideas that make money for scopely
like crates which rng the ability to get season points from attacking Walker terrioties for 24 hours, percent xhnage of getting that ability is 0.1

If territory rewards were good enough, some people would probably buy cans…

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now it thinking right
make it better the rewards and sell cans for 10 bucks a pop
instant casssshhhhhhhh

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Well, it looks like they definitely “fixed” territories…
It is also one of the most boring features of RTS.
I have about 20 refills because I get free ones (roadmaps)

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Personally, I find the white map very fitting for the time of year


Which region?

I’m in Harris.

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