How to fix Raiding, to engage players make it worth it!


Here’s my simple idea, and if you like @kalishane I’ll expand on it.

Rather than continuing the negative rhetoric, I am again putting my time and energy brainstorming how to save this game. Please take this suggestion seriously. I have put forth this idea before and there has never been any official response.

The issue as I see it: Raiding between tournaments serves little purpose. Everyone puts up garbage defenses and must use a Drop lead in top factions. So its not challenging at the top levels, so its not engaging. The only time you see real defenses is in War, and then only briefly. The reason? Reputation is useless, and also your defense leader must be the same leader you offer as your Faction Ally.

I propose that you instate a small change, and a new competition that I think will be very easy to code. This is just an overview.

First of all the small change: Make 2 specific additional slots in the team list. Only 1 person is needed in these 2 teams.
#1 is Avatar Slot, since some people just want a pretty face on the game next to them regardless of effect. This has no in game effect, other than in the chat window.
#2 is the Team Ally slot so who the team can hire has nothing to do with the team I defend with.

Here’s the big change: make a weekly contest for raiding in the following ways

  1. Existing reputation system remains unchanged, but is still acts just like it always did. You still gain/lose rep as usual.
  2. You are given some number of tokens each sunday night or maybe the events vary in length. (1000?) I could see this new mode be coded as a solo tournament that’s persistent between each raid tournament. So it could be any length really.
  3. Every time you raid a player, you risk some of your tokens, trying to win some of their tokens. (ex. you win 24, they lose 12?)
  4. Every time you raid a bot, you win some number that nobody loses, maybe 1/4 of what you’d get raiding a person.
  5. Every Time you Defend a player you get their tokens.
  6. At the end of the week the top 100-1000 get a prize, something not crazy good but worth it. 3 Lilith and Ulysses, 50 Legendary medals ect. for top place, 2 trainers for top 10, 1 trainer for top 100…ish.
  7. Ghosting remains unchanged. You can opt out.


  1. All levels of players have something to fight for, or just a free something for what they do each week. Any tier of player can be competitive IMPORTANT.
  2. Players put their real defenses in more often. Which in turn causes their opponents to have more fun trying to defeat them. If war is the premium event then the GLARING issue is that we only see the “war defenses” come out when war is up. In fact I instruct my team to never show their real defenses outside the 30 seconds before an actual battle. What reason do we have to put them up? This makes a reason. If the prizes are worth it, people will engage, and it’ll hugely increase player engagement in raids.
  3. It takes away nothing, you can ghost and totally opt out of this because you wont be able to be hit. Nobody loses.
  4. The whole server will gain in skill and want for better players, weapons and content besides war. Raiding has become kind of a joke where the point is only to gain food. Rep does nothing but a leader board that never effects anything.
  5. Coding is relatively mild, uses all existing tournament and raid mechanics, and since its a solo tournament it shouldn’t effect team swapping ect,


IMO, raiding for food was the only incentive I needed. People are complaining about not having enough food or having to sell gear/ingredients for LUs while I’ve been stockpiling the food I get from raids.


Wouldn’t it be cool though if the teams you raided were real defenses that came out to play? Would you rather raid teams of single manbun jesus?


I got a busy schedule right now, so I personally don’t mind if I’m fighting easy teams or coast through the game. I’m not objective to anything you have proposed, but I’m just indifferent really.

Plus, fighting teams that rely on RNG weapons have sucked the fun out for me long time ago. Raiding or attack other players in war? Only to have like 2-3 of my characters stunned isnt something I’m excited about.


Thats why I think bots should still exist for players like you. No reason to make you do a new mode you don’t want to.


Wait why? I don’t really raid bots, I still raid players based on the food they have. I’m not objecting to any new mode or any ideas you proposed, I’m just indifferent to any changes that might or might not happen for raids.


I assume you ghost, so want to raid bots mostly, or players you can beat with food that makes it worth it.

I’m just looking to make raiding interesting again. I don’t think that the hiding of real defenses really helps the game overall. I think that if everyone had incentive to put up good defenses then everyone would be more engaged. Lower ranked players would get better faster because they can practice on real defenses at all levels. We all get better with a challenge.


Nah I don’t, I even keep a T3 non-maxed Ellen as lead lol. I just store my food into deluxe replenishes but keep my wood at max. I lose no food, just wood. That’s how little I care about rep.

I honestly don’t know what you’re saying. I just raid people that give 125k food, store it, rinse and repeat. You make raiding sound tedious like I have to ghost or only attack bots.


Don’t need to spend food to find ppl to raid. Get revenge on those that raided you or your faction. I get plenty of food that way with no outlay.


I know one of the devs said there would be a space opened up for drop leaders. One separate from def leader. It was a “no promises, no timeline” type of remark, but it looks like it’ll happen eventually.


Yeah, I craft high replenish any time I have enough food. Most people in my region aren’t so diligent. If this strategy doesn’t help, sorry. Works for me tho.


Apologize if anything was already mentioned above. As somebody whom never raids and hates it with a passion, I’d gladly share reasons why I don’t feel inclined to do anything regarding raids.

Bots with op weapons - no thanks

Revenge click shielded, click shielded, click shielded. No thanks.

Bots with no food - no thanks.

Can’t hold separate drop lead, I use Rosa which guarantees a loss. So raid and defend = holding out on drop lead for my faction to farm the already shit drops in various modes? No thanks.

I did raid for a few days to earn assault tickets. That was a step in right direction. Then after trying mode, doing some math, I’m so letdown by faction assault, I went back to never raiding. Lol.


I’m not sure that the powers that be are even paying attention to this.

I guess this is an acceptable position.

Rep means nothing.

People raid for food and wood but want for something more there’s just no reason to.

Raiding is a chore that we do but few enjoy, there is literally no reward besides this Rep. and that has no in game effect besides the pointless leaderboard.


I honestly would rather keep everything the same. I don’t see value in rep and I don’t really raid. I don’t ghost but I keep my food low and my wood is whatever it happens to be, which is usually near max.

Reason why I would rather keep things the same is because there’s enough grinding in this game, especially with Faction Assault and the ticket system. I don’t need more things for me to do.


This is for people who do want raiding to be worthwhile. Some practice you cannot otherwise get, because all top teams hide their best defenses.

If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. I don’t understand why you on the one hand you don’t really raid, then why would you care if there’s a weekly raid competition. It’d give those who enjoy it a chance to polish skills you can otherwise only perfect during war.


Because if there was weekly raid competition, I would feel obligated to take part or else I would fall behind. It’s the reason why probably most in my faction are leveling in these constant solo tourneys, to get stuff or else they would miss out.


I like the idea of a vanity slot and of a faction helper slot especially!


Yeah, who ever allowed more the 2 players with revive skill in one team doesn’t have the higher I.Q.


Kind of like the user who dug up a topic that is over a year old?


Anyone else getting bored raiding the same teams?
Its supose to be random not the same 10 teams.