How to finish this mission? Im currently on silver V

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Taking an awful long time to fix it. Didn’t take that long with Andrea.

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Apples and oranges here. Andrea was a database query and table update that’s easy to write. Fixing actual code takes longer.

Doesn’t exactly explain most of the bugs that are still here. Bugs shouldn’t take over a year to fix.

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We’re not really talking about all the other bugs here. The topic at hand is the issue with leagues, and I’m doing my best to pass on helpful information :slight_smile:

I know, but still you said it would take time to fix code and I’m not saying that’s false, also not trying to say you’re at fault, but for a what, 700 million dollar company, maybe even more, to not fix bugs for over a year, something right there is wrong.

Well now I won’t be able to get Tara tf

It that a Randal offer in the corner who is paying for him I don’t care how new you are. It better be like $10 if that

I’m so glad mine retroactively seemed to unlock. My current missions are for 40,000 solo trophies, reaching Gold Division and Gold 3. All which I haven’t done yet

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